Moving Heads

The MW60SP LED head is ideal for stages, clubs, cafes, bars, restaurants, karaoke bars and outdoor events. Features input power: AC100-240V, 50/60 Hz ..
MARQ Gesture Beam 102 2-sided Moving Head Beam Independent RGBW Color mixing for each side Continuous Pan & Tilt for endless rotation on both axes Wide 3.4° be..
Intimidator Beam LED 350, 8 or 14-channel DMX-512, the LED "head", 2 in one (wash / beam), panorama of 540 °, Tilt 270 °, 8 colors plus white, gobo wheel (5 + 1..
Perfect PR-F066 The Perfect PR-F066 is a 60W LED head. Light source: 4 x 10 W. Controls: DMX, Master/Slave, automatic mode, sound activation. Protection level: ..
Perfect PR-C075 The Perfect PR-C075 is a LED head. Colors: RGBW. Power: 100 W. Number of LEDs: 5. LED power: 15 W. Control: DMX, Master/Slave, automatic mode, s..
Perfect PR-C073 150W LED moving head The Perfect PR-C073 150W is a 150W LED moving  head. Features 50,000 hours lifespan and low power consumption Overheating..
Perfect PR-C067A Pixel control 7* 40W RGBW 4in1 The Perfect PR-C067A is a 320W LED head. Seven LEDs. The power of the LED: 40 W. Device power: 320 W. Service li..
Chauvert Intimidator Spot 255 IRC Intimidator Spot 255 IRC is a functional LED "head", equipped with a powerful 60W LED emitter that can liven up and add energy..
STLS Led Spot-90 mk2 Specs Voltage: AC 110-260 V, 50/60 Hz Light Source: 90 W LED LED lifetime: 50,000 hours Input power: 120 W Beam angle: 12&..
Perfect PR-C054 Spot 150w The Perfect PR-C054 Spot 150w LED head is designed for high-quality decoration of a concert hall. Combines high quality components and..
Perfect PR-C014D 36*18W RGBWA+UV 6 in 1 The Perfect PR-C014D is a 360W LED head. Ideal for stages, clubs, cafes, bars, restaurants, karaoke bars and outdoor eve..
Color Imagination SI-247 MAGICZOOM 1915FB The Color Imagination SI-247 MAGICZOOM 1915FB is a smart and compact device with a smooth, fast and quiet motorized..
Color Imagination SI-221L BEAM 280L The Color Imagination SI-221L BEAM 280L is a stylish moving head beam in a very compact and lightweight housing. It delivers..
Color Imagination SI-209 QSPOT 150 The moving head spot Color Imagination SI-209 QSPOT 150 features a 7500K 150W LED with high intensity and efficiency. It prod..
Color Imagination SI-061 LEDZOOM 360F The Color Imagination SI-061 LEDZOOM 360F is featuring a motorized linear zoom from 8° to 60° and 36 pcs 10 W 4 in 1 LEDs...
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Moving Heads

Moving heads

Moving heads – devices in which the movement of the light beam occurs due to movement of the body. These devices can be called universal, as they include the possibility of colorchange, scanner, strobe light and can change the direction of illumination via the remote control. The main difference between the "moving head" and the scanner is that moving head –  moves the whole head, while the scanner – the mirror inside the device. Thus, to the public "rotating head" looks much more spectacular. Controle the "rotating head" is carried out with the remote control of light through the DMX512 cable for different DMX channels. 

The first moving heads to be created, back in the early 1980s, were spot moving heads, and they are arguably still the most prevalent today. These units feature a lens that creates a sharply defined circle of light (a spot) and are also fitted with one or more gobo wheels that can be used to place a choice of metal (or glass) shapes in front of the light beam so that is projects an interesting pattern of light. Additional features strobing, and dimming add to the versatility of these fixtures.

The second most common form of moving head is the wash moving heads. In place of the spot’s relatively-narrow, sharply-focused light output, Washes have a softer and, generally, wider beam. Advanced models feature a motorized ‘zoom’ function which allows the beam angle of the fixture to be altered remotely, allowing very different visual effects to be created using the same light. This moving head washes are primarily used to ‘wash’ areas of a venue or stage with light. In other words, they illuminate a specific venue feature, performer, or scenic element with a subtler beam of light, that fades out at the edges instead of ending abruptly as is the case with a spot.

Beam moving head units have a much tighter beam-angle than washes and, although their optics tend not to be as sharp as spots, their output is focused enough to allow the use of gobo patterns. Their extremely tight beam angles concentrate their light output into a very dense column that creates an impactful effect in a hazy atmosphere. The latest type of moving head is the hybrid. These complex fixtures combine the features of all three primary moving head classes into one single unit.

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