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Hiwatt FS-301 Hiwatt FS-301 - this footswitch of excellent quality, made in a metal wear-resistant casing. Equipped with three reliable buttons-switches: change..

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Paxphil FS1 This device can be used for various tasks, for example: switching the channels of the combo from "Clean" to "Overdrive", changing effects on the pro..

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Boss FS-5U Roland/BOSS offers two types of sturdy metal footswitches for different applications. The FS-5U (silver) is a momentary "unlatch"-type footswitch, an..

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Boss FS-5L Roland/BOSS offers two types of sturdy metal footswitches for different applications. The FS-5U (silver) is a momentary "unlatch"-type footswitch, an..
Boss FS-7 Space-Saving, Multifunctional Dual Footswitch FS-7 is a compact dual footswitch for remote control of effect pedals or amp channel switching. Two foot..
Boss FS-6 Double Your Switching Power Two switches in one, BOSS’s FS-6 combines latch- and momentary-type switching into one unit. With two switches convenientl..

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Boss AB-2 The BOSS AB-2 is a 2-way selector that makes changing inputs or outputs easy. One stomp is all it takes to instantly switch between two guitars or eff..
Mesa Boogie Bass Prodigy Four Take control of your Prodigy Four:88! This is a 4-button footswitch that gives you quick selection access to mid voice, solo, FX ..
Fender Footswitch Vintage Style Vintage one-button footswitch from the American giant Fender. Can be used with the combo: Blues Junior, Blues Junior III, Two-To..
D'Addario PW-FSTC-01S Loknob Silver Footswitch Cap Forget about readjusting your tone at every gig and lock in your sound settings once and for all. D&rs..

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Hiwatt FS-201 Hiwatt FS-201 is a high-quality footswitch equipped with two buttons that switch channels and turn on/off the reverb. Made of quality materials. S..

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Hiwatt FS-200 The Hiwatt FS-200 is a footswitch device that features two wear-resistant metal buttons: channel switching and reverb on/off. It is made in a reli..

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EBS RM-4 The EBS RM-4 footswitch was developed by EBS specifically for the EBS TD660 and Fafner II bass amps, but it is also suitable for use with the EBS NeoGo..

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Zoom FS-01 The FS01 is a momentary footswitch for Zoom guitar and bass effects devices that allows you to bypass effects, turn the tuner on or off, enable the d..

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Paxphil FS2 Footswitch for a guitar amplifier, made in an aluminum casing. Has on board two high-quality buttons for switching the amplifier modes, also equippe..
Hughes & Kettner FS 3 Versatile 3-button footswitch with LED phantom powered. For Tube 50 Combo/Head, Tube 100 Head, Attax 100 and 200 Combo/Head. Specs Manufa..
Hughes & Kettner FS 2 Versatile 2-button footswitch with phantom powered LEDs, 6,3mm (1/4") stereo jack, latching. Specs Manufacturer: Hughes & Kettner Input: ..
Hughes & Kettner FS 1 Phantom powered footswitch for combo amplifiers, with LED indicators. 6,3mm (1/4") mono Jack, latching. Compatible with combos: Edition Bl..
Marshall PEDL90010 Two-button footswitch, designed for MG50 series amplifiers, 250, 100 & 100 HDFX. Specs Purpose: For Amplifiers Number of buttons: 2 ..
Marshall PEDL-10038 Marshall PEDL10038 - 4-button footswitch, with light indication for each button, in a sturdy metal case. Performs the functions of the Chann..
Marshall PEDL-91009 FOOTSWITCH FOR CODE SERIES A 4-way momentary footswitch for CODE. Switches one to three allow you to recall stored presets and switch four s..
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Footswitch – it is a foot controller (switch) for switching modes of guitar amps (switching between channels), effects pedals and guitar effects processor, or other devices. Footswitch have an analog connection (via cable tool), the digital connection (via Digital-cable) or midi-footswitch (a connection via midi channel). In this section you will be able to buy the footswitch of the following manufacturers: EBS, Hiwatt, Ibanez, Fender, Boss, Marshall, Zoom and many others.

An electric guitar is a versatile instrument, especially when paired with a great amp, which is why it’s important to have a solid footswitch in your collection of gear. With the ability to cycle through various settings quickly and easily, an amplifier footswitch will help your guitar ring out just the way you want it to, exactly when you want it to. Guitarists can spend years perfecting their sound for the live setting. They want their audiences to hear exactly what they expect, when they expect it. With an amplifier footswitch, a guitarist can easily jump back and forth between amp channels, delivering just the sound they want to a crowd for any song. With so many options available to you as a musician, it’s important to find the footswitch that is best suited to your needs. The first thing to keep in mind is the type of amplifier you own. While footswitches can be universal, some are made to work in conjunction with specific amps and brands.

Guitar amplifiers will often have multiple channels or effects that can be switched on and off with the use of a footswitch. A 1/4" jack is common for the footswitch input on the amp that is either TS (single) or TRS (double). A TRS input can accept 2 amp channels or effects. Using a TRS footswitch with dual switches will control both channels / effects. Often the left switch goes from clean to drive, and the right switch turns reverb/chorus on and off. A TRS footswitch can be used for a single switch amp, just the left switch will work.

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