Video Projectors

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Video Projectors

Video projectors

Modern multimedia projectors usually have a standard set of features, including:

  • availability of on-screen menu and remote control IR (sometimes this can turn into a control cable)
  • the inversion of the image horizontally and vertically, which allows the use of rear-projection screens, ceiling mount projector,
  • the ability to adjust brightness, contrast, image sharpness,
  • the ability to customize colors,
  • the ability to work with 3D content
  • ability to work in an interactive mode (interactive projector)
  • the ability to adjust to the input parameters of computer and video signals,
  • the ability to remotely control a computer cursor (the so-called. infrared screen mouse)
  • possibility of adjusting the keystone of the image,
  • Multi-language menu
  • Choose economical operation (reduction of the luminous flux of 15-20% provides increased lamp life 1.5-2)

    Video Projectors
    In addition, the projectors have additional features, which differ from product to product. You can name the most common:

  • the possibility of replacing the lens and the availability of replacement of short and long-focus lenses,
  • auto-tuning of the image
  • the ability to project onto non-white surfaces,
  • function «Off and go» - the ability of quick disconnect,
  • Freeze - the ability to "freeze" image
  • USB input for flash card,
  • laser pointer built into the remote control,
  • function IRIS - automatic adjustment of brightness depending on the room light conditions,
  • automatic control mode of the fan in dependence on the ambient temperature,
  • support for digital TV standards DVT and HDTV (High Definition)
  • ability to select the aspect ratio (4: 3 or 16: 9)
  • memorize settings of the projector for a large number of sources,
  • the possibility of mechanical lens shift, which is especially important in the mix of images from multiple projectors,
  • availability hub, providing the opportunity to turn the projector to the LAN,
  • different systems of protection against theft and unauthorized use,
  • The auto key on the control panel,
  • ability to set their own wallpaper on the screen,
  • networking features (remote access, built-in browser, e-mail client, and so forth.)
  • Fixed custom video display modes.