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Soft plastic Kazoos by Jim Dunlop (USA). Perfect for hummers of all ages! ..
The original metal kazoo in durable hygienic finish. Natural skin tone diaphragm gives powerful tone. ..
Kazoo display box, with 30 metal kazoos, gold color. ..

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Kazoo display box with 12 plastic kazoos. Various colours. ..
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The kazoo is an American musical instrument. It was invented in the 1840’s. It was first presented to the world at the Georgia State Fair in 1852. However, the instrument was not introduced into American culture until 1912. Considering the structure and playability, the kazoo is very different from the other traditional woodwind and brass instrument. The structure comprises a small open-ended tube that is tapered at one end. The opening situated closer to the front of the tube, on the top is called a turret section. It houses a very thing resonating membrane. Unlike a number of other instruments, it does not have any valves and buttons. 

How to play on it?

Along with these differences in structural design, kazoo is significantly different in terms of playability as well. In most of the brass instruments, notes are usually produced by amplifying the lips’ buzzing sound. Similarly, in the woodwind instruments, the reed vibration creates musical notes. In contrary to both of these the kazoo’s sound depends on the musician’s voice. His humming results in the vibration of a thin membrane. Thus, Kazoo is unique in adding a buzzing quality to player’s voice.

Materials and construction

It is available in multiple different shapes and sizes. The manufacturing material used for kazoo can be different. You will find many made of metal, some are made of wood, glass kazoos are also available out there and many of these are made of plastic. The glass and wood kazoos are very expensive and their manufacturing is very difficult as well. Of all these materials, plastic is the most commonly used one. Majority of the kazoo models are made with thermoplastics that are highly durable and more rigid than other materials. Some other types of plastics that can be used to make kazoo are highly dense polyethylene and polypropylene. To make the construction easier some fillers have also used that result in changing the properties of plastic and the instrument turns out to be more rigid, sturdy and less prone to physical damage. 

The main body of the kazoo, its turret section, and resonating film are the three major parts and their crafting determines the functional efficiency. The main body is often shaped as a tube, and it can be in any other form resembling trumpet, saxophone, and bugles. Furthermore, the manufacturing material of the resonance membrane also imparts special characteristics. The more flexible and thinner the membrane is, higher will be the resonance. Besides, the flexibility reduces the chances of tearing up the membrane.

What should you pay attention to before buying?

Whenever you go for buying a kazoo, your first consideration should be the manufacturing material. The ones made with plastic are very affordable and offer easy playability. However, if you want to purchase a metallic kazoo, it is a bit expensive. If you want a more robust option, you can buy the stainless steel kazoo. Moreover, options in silver and gold are also available. Also you have to specify your budget. Then you should choose the kazoo with more reliable construction. Besides, if you want high resonance, go for the model with the flexible yet thin membrane.

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