Tailpiece Strunal 16/08 is a high-quality accessory that ensures stable fixation of strings on the violin neck. It is made of black wood, which combines re..
Tailpiece Strunal 116/08 Viola is an elegant and functional accessory used to fix the strings on the viola neck. It is made of high-quality black wood, whi..
The Strunal 40/5 Cello Tailpiece is a high-quality accessory specially designed to ensure the stability and accuracy of string fixation on the cello neck. ..
Maxtone VN TF4/4 is a quality tailpiece designed for 4/4 size violins. This tailpiece is made of strong metal, which guarantees a long service life an..
The Maxtone VN TF3/4 is an excellent tailpiece designed for 3/4 size violins. This holder is distinguished by the high quality of the material – it i..
The Maxtone VN TF1/2 is a high-quality tailpiece designed for 1/2-size violins. It is made of durable metal, which ensures reliability and a long service l..
The Maxtone VN TF1/4 is a high-quality tailpiece designed for 1/4-size violins. Thanks to its reliable design and high-quality material (metal), this tailp..
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Tailpieces for string instruments

The right tailpiece can make a huge in difference in the responsiveness and resonance of a string instrument. The primary function of the tailpiece is to connect the strings to the end of the musical instrument. Tailpiece can have a significant effect on the sound and playability of the instrument. The right tailpiece, installed in its proper position, can make an instrument more responsive and easier to play, accentuate the overtones and harmonics, and make the instrument more resonant. This added resonance can result in a fuller and more colorful tone. Conversely, if an instrument has some undesirable vibration – change of tailpiece and its position can help reduce it. There is  a significant disagreement among musicians about the effect different tailpieces and tailpiece materials will have on sound. That said, there are some useful areas of comparison.

The most commonly used woods for tailpieces are rosewood, boxwood and ebony. All these types of woods look different but they also differ in their density and structure, which changes the effect they have on sound. Perhaps more important than wood of a tailpiece is the weight. The common impression is that a lighter weight is always better. Doubtless, there are instruments on which a light tailpiece is desirably and can improve its sound. However, on many instruments, a tailpiece that is too light can interact negatively with the instrument’s patterns of vibration. This can often mean using a heavier tailpiece. In any case, a maker will try a number of tailpieces of different densities to find the one that works best for a particular musical instrument. Most tailpieces come in one of the three common models: the “Hill” or “English”, which has a peaked, roof-like shape, the “French”, which has an elegant rounded shape, and the “Tulip”, which has a wineglass or tulip shape. The differences between the different tailpiece models do not have a significant effect on the sound.

What really matters when it comes to tone is the tailpiece length, the position of its string slots, and tailcord holes, and the arch of the tailpiece. The length of the tailpiece must correspond to the length of the instrument – instruments that are longer from the bridge to the bottom of the instrument need longer tailpieces, and vice versa. The string holes and slots should not be too close together. Looking directly down at the top of the instrument, the strings should not angle inward too much from the bridge to the tailpiece. Many makers prefer that the tailpiece arch conform to the arc of the bridge so that, looking at the instrument from the side, all strings will have the same angle from bridge to tailpiece. Finally, the holes at the bottom of the tailpiece need to be level and the proper distance apart. A narrower distance may help to accentuate the sound of middle strings, a wider distance the outer strings.

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