Mouthpieces for Brass

Yamaha TR-16C4 Large rim and medium cup for easy playability over a wide range. High volume. Excellent for symphony orchestra players. A brass instrument mou..
Yamaha TR7B4 Mouthpiece Yamaha TR7B4 Standart Series for Trumpet. Relatively large throat diameter with a sharp shoulder. Bright sound with easy hi..
This page is available in Ukrainian and Russian versions at our website...
This page is available in Ukrainian and Russian versions at our website...
This page is available in Ukrainian and Russian versions at our website...
This page is available in Ukrainian and Russian versions at our website. ..
Maxtone MPC13B Trumpet Size: 11 / 2C Nickel plated ..
Maxtone MPC8D Size: 4AL Nickel plated ..
Maxtone MPC7D Size: 5BS Nickel plated ..
Odyssey OMT2 (SMTB12C) Quality silver plated Trombone mouthpiece – 12C. ..
Yamaha TR-7A4 Relatively small inner rim diameter, but still flexible. Perfect for piccolo or lead trumpet. A brass instrument mouthpiece is much more than a..
Yamaha TR-14A4a-GP Fast-response high range and powerful sound. Ideal for piccolo or lead trumpet. GP Series has been created especially for professiona..
Yamaha SL46BS A brass instrument mouthpiece is much more than an add-on or accessory. It is a vital part of your instrument. As interface between artist and ..
This page is available in Ukrainian and Russian versions at our website...
This page is available in Ukrainian and Russian versions at our website...
Maxtone MPC11B Trumpet Size: 5C Nickel plated ..
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Mouthpieces for Brass

Mouthpieces for brass wind instruments

Using different variations of attachments on your instrument will affect the sound produced, which is why it's so important to make sure you're using the best brass mouthpiece for your playing style. Brass instrument mouthpieces are probably the most discussed topic amongst brass players. The variations in sizes and brands available is considerable and some people spend their entire playing life searching for that ‘perfect’ one. The reality is that we are all different and what size suits one isn’t necessarily right for another. Brass mouthpieces vary depending on the specific instrument for which they are intended. They differ from each other in size, shape, scale, materials, etc.


The rim of the mouthpiece is obviously the part that touches the lips and therefore impacts greatly on the comfort whilst playing. A wider rim will help when playing for longer periods of time but a narrower one offers better flexibility and ultimately range. A more rounded rim helps with the comfort but one with a sharper edge does help a player to attack the note with more precision.


There are two aspects to the cup, the diameter and the depth. The larger the diameter the louder the sound that can be produced as more air can be pushed into the instrument, it also makes controlling the sound a bit easier. However, a smaller diameter requires less effort to play. The deeper the cup the fuller the tone that can be produced and the easier it is to play in the lower register. A shallow cup generally gives a brighter tone and is easier to play in the higher register but there can be a compromise on the quality of tone produced. Cup shapes range from ‘U’ shapes to ‘V’ shapes. The more ‘U’ shaped a cup the brighter the sound and it will be easier to play the higher register. As the cup approaches the ‘V’ shape the sound becomes darker and the lower register is easier to play.


A large throat will produce a bigger tone and be freer blowing but can make playing softly more difficult. It is also more tiring to use a mouthpiece with a large throat. A smaller throat does restrict the air flow and can have the effect of flattening the higher register and sharpening the lower.  Due to the smaller throat the sound is usually brighter. However, contrary to popular belief it does not make it easier to play high notes.


Unlike the other components, the backbore is not generally measured in specific sizes as they do vary in terms of shape and taper. Manufacturers design a backbore that works best with whatever combination of rim, cup and throat are present on the mouthpiece in question. As with the other parts though it can have a significant effect on the tone, pitch and volume of the instrument.


Mouthpieces are generally produced from brass and then either silver plated or gold plated. Silver plated mouthpieces are most popular.

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