Drum Stands

Plastic "pockets" for drumsticks. Conveniently mounted on a cymbal or hi-hat stand. Have an adjustable angle. ..
Peace Arena Series HS-7910 Peace's newest addition to the Arena Hardware line-up, the A-Frame, allows more freedom of placement thanks to the elimination..
Peace HS-761 Hi-hat stand cymbal with clamp and thick felt. Features Tension adjustment system Larger weight Adjustable support positio..
Simple and reliable Cymbal Holder Clamp Peace DA-150. Designed for mounting plates to the stands hi-hat, tom-toms, individual holders. The device makes it possi..
Clamp Peace DA-85 - a popular, inexpensive multiklemp to connect elements of percussion instruments fixtures (racks, holders, etc.). ..
Alfabeto TRD3 is a Tongue Drum Stand designed to support and stabilize the instrument. The stand is made from quality wood and is designed to fit drum..
Series Drum Rack 4000 - this is an intermediate option between a cheap 2000 th and 6000 th top-end. It provides professional-grade rack at an affordable pric..
Description: Heavy rack for dishes. Thick felt and clamp plates included.   ..
The set of racks consists of: Stand for hi-hat with double legs and double chain drive Stand for snare drum with double legs and Memory-Locke Rack for..
Stand for the hi-hat cymbal with clamp and thick felt. ..
Cymbal Stand Clamp Peace DA-72 inclined component mounting plate, allows to change the angle of the knee bearing in a fairly wide range. 7/8". Simple and ..
Cymbal Stand Clamp Peace DA-114, sloping shoulder with Clamp for mounting plates. Clamp-IT Firm system allows you to install additional plates in almost any acc..
Straight Holder Clamp Peace DA-112 Features: The combined direct / oblique holder For mounting plates 7/8 " ..

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Peace BS-420 Students and beginners are normally with a low budget, but they still need a solid hardware to practice with. It’s worthless to buy a chea..
One of the best ranges of professional stands available today, the 4000 Series has been specially designed to give you more stability, easier set-up and better ..

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Holder Peace DA-201 - the holder for fixing the hi-hat to the bass drum (for configuration with 2 bass drums). Features: Type: Holder Material: Metal..

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Peace DR-18 Peace's new Flex-Rack system gives all the support of a 180。rack, but with less space.The curved left and right side bars are ideal for addit..

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Clamp Peace DA-131- express clamp 3-way adapter, designed for fastening tools as well as support for holders multipercussion and drums in various combinations. ..
Stand hi-hat, chain drive mechanism changes inclination of the top plate and the level of rigidity of the pedal, turning a double leg. Series 6000 PREMIER is th..
Premier 5864, APK/XPK Hardware Hi-Hat (3000 Series) A detailed description of the set: Stand for hi-hat with double legs and double chain drive..
Characteristics: Chain belt Mechanisms of change in tilting the upper plate and the level of rigidity of the pedal Swivel feet ..
Rack for plates type straight Characteristics: Model 3710 Tube 1 " Locking tilt Fine Tooth Tilter Memory Lock Locks Manufacturing Taiwan Locking tilt Fine ..
Stand for hi-hat. Has three double foot, which provides great trustworthiness of the design. Features: The direct drive. Double legs for greater stab..
Stand for dish universal Maxtone CXC116A.Features: Stand for plates. Universal. Direct/crane. ..
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Drum Stands

Drum stands

Buying drum hardware depends completely on the drum kit you already own and what style of music/circumstances you play. For example, if you are a drummer who gigs a lot or is on the road then double-braced hardware is more suitable for you. Individual tubes tend to be of thicker diameters, while doubled-braced tripods are the norm, making for a stronger, more rigid stand from the ground up. This added strength brings with it advantages: boom arms can be longer and extra items can be clamped off a single stand.

Boom stand or straight stand

The main difference between both stands is that booms are usually more flexible in your set-up. A boom stand has an extendable arm which means that you can adjust the cymbal position with more ease. The straight stand (also known as a cymbal stand) basically goes straight up and down. You can also buy convertible stands that can be either a boom or straight making it interchangeable for your kit layout.

Double or single braced hardware

Single braced hardware is not necessarily less stable as double braced hardware, however, they are much lighter and easier to transport. If you are using doubled braced hardware, it is more durable and can withstand more ‘beating’ so to say. Essentially, you can say that double braced hardware can withstand more weight, so if you were to add a tom, for example, onto your cymbal stand, a double braced one would be more suitable. Weigh up the cons and pros of why you would use either or of the braced hardware. Single braced is lighter and easier to transport, however, you can add more to the double braced.

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