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Earplugs for drummers

Get some good hearing protection for drumming and you will thank yourself in the future. If you are behind a drum kit, you will probably damage your hearing over time. People generally lose the high-frequency range first, which will affect how you think your music sounds. This is an important point if you are a musician. Hearing loss will also make conversations more difficult later in life, and it will take its toll on your attention and concentration. There are a huge range of drumming hearing protection options (from super cheap to expensive):

  • Disposable foam earplugs
  • Earmuffs
  • Molded earplugs
  • In-ear monitors

Disposable foam earplugs

The cheapest hearing protection choice is disposable foam earplugs. They are good because they are cheap, but they usually muffle the sound and cut some frequencies much more than others. This leaves you with a poor idea of how things actually sound, usually with too much bass making things sound very muddy. Despite their less-than-ideal sound, disposable earplugs are a great backup to keep in your gig bag. Get yourself a few sets to use in emergencies, or to share with your bandmates when the volume gets turned up.


Over-ear earmuffs are another great cheap option. A bonus with these is you can wear regular earphones under them, allowing you to play to a click track or practice to music. Earmuffs will muffle the sound similar to regular disposable earplugs, but they are another super handy drum hearing protection accessory to have around.

Molded earplugs

For something more personalized, get some molded earplugs to fit your exact ear shape. Molded earplugs will usually muffle the sound, but they are perfect if regular hearing protection does not fit your ears, or feels uncomfortable.

In-ear monitors

If you need to play to a click, monitor your bandmates, or play along to music, then you will need some good quality in-ear monitors. These are great for live, practicing, and recording, and as a bonus you can use them as regular earphones when you just want to listen to music. Most in-ear monitors come with different sized earpieces, or custom-fit monitors can be made by visiting an audiologist. These can get quite expensive, but they are a great long-term drum hearing protection investment.

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