Guitar Effects

Source Audio Soundblox Tri-Mod Phaser The Tri-Mod Phaser is an evolutionary outgrowth of the original Hot Hand® Phaser/Flanger system in a compact and ac..
Joyo JT-550 Digital Pedal Tuner Stage tuner Tuning for Chromatic, Guitar, Bass. Featuer A4 Frequency: 430-450 Hz Tuning: Chromatic, Guitar, Bass ..
Hughes & Kettner Tubeman II Three glorious channels, a three-band Master EQ, a fabulously flexible Voicing knob for the High Gain channel, the integ..
Mooer Radar The Mooer Radar is a full-featured professional speaker simulator which can be a permanent resident at the end of your pedalboard. Not only does ..
Friedman Buffer Bay 6 The Friedman Buffer Bay is a simple solution that incorporates Dave's wealth of experience and knowledge providing players an innov..
Mooer GE200 MOOER has unleashed a brand new multi effects processor which delivers unparalleled amp modelling in its price range and an amazing array of effe..
Zoom G3 X Features: Over a hundred different ways to craft your sound. The G3X provides a whopping 116 different onboard DSP effects and amp/cabin..
Guitar Effects Processor Zoom G3 Over a hundred different ways to craft your sound The G3 provides a whopping 116 different onboard DSP effects and a..
Zoom G2R With guitar styles ranging from rock, blues, jazz and fusion to pop and soul, Richie Kotzen has long been touted as one of the best guitar players i..
Zoom G2G The G2G is based on Zoom’s G2 effects pedal and provides 32-bit processing and 96 kHz sampling, a built-in drum machine, a metal chassis, meta..
Zoom G2 Features: 96 kHz sampling brings out authentic sounding tube amp harmonics Everyone knows that the sound of tube amplifiers is the ultimate i..
Zoom G1Xon Amazing effects, amazing features, amazing sound The G1Xon offers 100 guitar effects, including a variety of distortion, compression, modulatio..
Zoom G1on The G1on offers 100 guitar effects, including a variety of distortion, compression, modulation, delay, reverb, and amp models. Up to 5 ef..
Zoom A3 Dozens of ways to restore and reshape the sound of your guitar The A3 provides remodeling presets for 16 different body types/shapes and 28 wo..
Mooer GE250 Offering higher-quality IR support and more features than its little brother the GE200, the GE250 fills the gap in MOOER’s GE Series. ..
Mooer GE150 The Mooer GE150 is the newest entry in the GE line of multi-effects pedals from Mooer. The GE150 comes packed with 55 High-quality amp models and..
Xvive V6 Phaser King XVIVE's V6 Phaser King is a classic analog phaser with Speed/Sweep/Feedback control and companding (compression/expansion) nois..
Xvive V10 Amp Litone (Boost) The Xvive V10 Boost pedal delivers +20dB of clean analog boost housed a miniature, rugged housing, perfect for even the most cro..
Dunlop DD25 MXR Dookie Drive Billie Joe Armstrong’s guitar tone on Green Day’s groundbreaking album Dookie sounded dirty and punchy with the perf..
Guitars and Equipment,Equipment,Guitar Effects Effects Pedal MXR Custom Badass '78 Distortion M78 MXR..
Dunlop Kirk Hammett Signature Wah Now you can command the same killer wah tone as Kirk with the new Kirk Hammett Signature Wah. Developed in close collaborat..
Mooer Micro Drummer Having trouble keeping the groove? In need of a drummer? Want a practice companion? Fear not, reach into your pocket and p..
Mooer Micro ABY MkII The comprehensive channel switch pedal, can switch the one way signal to two different outputs, applicable for the circuit of instrum..
Mooer Groove Loop The Mooer Groove Loop brings together both the Micro Looper and Micro Drummer into one  micro pedal, for the ultimate i..
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Guitar Effects

Guitar effects represent a very large group of devices for processing sound of guitars and basses. In terms of destinations, they are divided into bass guitar effects, guitar effects and effects for acoustic guitars. Guitar effects can be analog (transistors), tube and digital. They are available in different formats, effects pedals, effects processors.

Guitar effects pedals, analog guitar pedal, transistors guitar effects, tube guitar pedal and digital guitar effect pedal:

  • Distortion simulates the effect of overdrive sound amplifier, its options are overdrive and fuzz.
  • Chorus simulates choral sound of the instrument, creating a very juicy and surround sound
  • Flanger creates a sound like a plane taking off, it was popular in the '60s, when musicians are actively used it to create a psychedelic sound, reminiscent of the chorus, but differs from it by the delay and feedback.
  • Wow effect exists in two versions: avtovau and the expression pedal. In the first case, the effect is not cyclic, depending on the level of the input signal, while the second - a musician himself, with an expression pedal, increases or decreases the level of the effect.
  • The equalizer allows you to align the frequency response of the audio signal that is selectively adjust the amplitude of the signal, depending on the frequency.
  • Phaser - sound effect that is achieved by filtering the audio signal with the creation of a series of highs and lows in its spectrum, resulting in a rather interesting circular effect.
  • Octaver - sound effects add to the signal a copy of an octave or two higher or lower pitch.
  • Harmonizer - an effect that adds to the signal of a copy, is falling behind in the interval in the range of 2 octave up / down, similar to the octave, but more variable.
  • Compressor can reduce the difference between the levels of the weak and strong signals, thereby aligning the sound of the instrument.
  • Vibrato provides periodic changes in pitch, volume and timbre of musical sound.
  • Tremolo - a sound effect that implements the periodic change the volume (signal amplitude). It is characterized by a pulsating sound.
  • Reverb - is the effect of gradually reducing the intensity of the sound of his multiple reflections (echo).
  • Wammy allows you to shift the pitch with an expression pedal.
  • Delay effect simulates the clear fading repetitions (echo) of the original signal, a single Delay usually means a delay of the signal, while the effect of "echo" - multiple repetitions; on the principle of action is similar to the reverb and differs from it only by the delay time, which should not be less than 50-60ms.
  • Booster amplifies the signal without changing the original sound.

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