Chimes (Bar Chimes)

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Chimes (Bar Chimes)

Bar chimes

Bar chimes are a type of percussive instrument that consist of tuned metal tubes which hang from a frame. They are typically struck either by hand or by sticks and produce a chime that’s used in a variety of music pieces and scores for TV and movies. The bar chime can produce unique harmony and soothing sounds for a serene music. Typically, the chimes crafted using aluminum and titanium alloys for a sleek design and to allow the creation of sounds. When hitting a metal alloy material, it will release crisp, crystal clear, sharp, and pleasant pitch which is good and relaxing to hear. If you have limited space and you do not want them to wobble or jiggle, consider purchasing a smaller set of chimes on a stand. If you want the chimes to be at the forefront of your music, invest in a better, larger set. Make sure you choose chimes with enough range. More chimes does not necessarily mean a better set, resonance is their most important quality, and that comes from the grade of metal used to make them. Chimes are available in a wide range of prices depending on the type and their features.

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