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Bach 1857 The Vincent Bach 1857 Trumpet Practice Mute is a small practice mute for trumpet has been produced with quality, superior performance and precise acou..

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Bach 2002 The Bach 2002 Elite Trumpet Mute is a unique design from the Bach Company. These mutes are spun from stainless steel. The Elite features an inverted c..

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Bach 1861 Designed with Bach attention to quality, superior performance and precise acoustic detail, Bach mutes offer durability and affordability. The plastic ..

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Bach 2001 The Bach 2001 Ultra Trumpet Mute is made from aluminum with a rugged stainless steel one piece and hand hammered flat bottom. It has a unique new desi..
Stagg MTR-S3A Stagg is dedicated to providing accessible and reliable musical instruments and accessories to all levels of musicians. Established in Belgium in ..
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Stagg MTR-P3A Stagg is dedicated to providing accessible and reliable musical instruments and accessories to all levels of musicians. Established in Belgium in ..
TPT-2A Trumpet Bubble Mute Edgy and almost biting, the bubble mute offers and wonderfully distinctive sound. The acoustic design of Jo-Ral TPT 2A Bubble Mute..
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Mutes, what is it?

The mute changes the sound of a wind instrument in a certain way, depending on its type. Typically, a wind instrument mute (trumpet, trombone, French horn, tuba, etc.) lowers the volume and changes the timbre of the instrument. The sound of the instrument is altered by decreasing airflow, changing volume and resonance. The muting of the trumpet and trombone is most commonly used in jazz music. Mutes can often help trombone and trumpet players blend better with their fellow instrumentalists, particularly in a small jazz ensemble setting. A brass player will also often use a mute to help lower the volume of their instrument when playing with a vocalist. 

Variations in the materials and construction of each mute affect the volume and tone of a muted brass instrument. These accessories are made from aluminum brass or a copper/metal alloy with more economical options being plaster plastic and even cardboard. Each material produces its own unique pitch so players should experiment with a few different models and styles to hear which brass best mute complements their musical style. There are several different types of mute that give the instrument its own distinct sound. The two most common types of mutes are straight and cup.

Types of mutes

straight mute is the most common type of mute used by brass musicians. It's a hollow cone-shaped mute with a small piece of cork attached to the end to keep it secure in the bell of the instrument. The metal straight mute has a characteristic nasally sound. Straight mutes are often used in lyrical solos.

The cup mute looks similar to the conical shape of the straight mute, but with an added cup at the bottom of the mute. A cup mute has a more muffled sound, and it often has an adjustable function to move the cup closer to or further away from the bell. Adjusting the cup closer to the mute will make the volume softer.

A totally different concept is the practice mute. Practice mutes are inserted into the bell to create an easy solution when you just want to play quietly or silently. A practice mute is similar in appearance to a straight mute but it is made of a harder material like plastic. Be aware though that students should not be consistently practicing using a practice mute because it does change the natural “resistance” felt by blowing into a brass instrument.

What type of mute should you choose?

Choosing the right mute for a wind instrument is quite simple if you have the necessary information. It is best to take your instrument with you when purchasing a mute and test several types. For students who are purchasing mutes for the first time, if you can only purchase one mute, get a straight mute. Fortunately, nearly all brass mutes are relatively inexpensive.

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