Snow Machines

KOOLLIGHT SNOW-1200 Powerful snow generator. Power: 1200 watts. Snow Output: 50m. Throwing up to 7 meters. The liquid capacity: 5L. Control: DMX, wired remote c..
Djpower Snow-1250 Djpower Snow-1250 is a high output snow machine with user-friendly volume adjustment included via the included wired remote, built-in DMX. Sno..
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Snow Machines

Snow machines

What a snow machine does is add the necessary amount of moisture to the atmosphere. And this is how it creates perfect snow in any weather, as long as it is cold enough. There is a slight difference, though: natural snow consists of water vapor while machine-made snow is formed from frozen liquid. Basically, there are two types of snow-making machines. A regular snow gun uses both compressed air and cooled water. With the help of a fan, it forces the stream of water into droplets and ejects them into the air, where they freeze and turn into snow. The other type, an airless snow gun, uses a nozzle to create a mist. As for the performance of snow-making machines, it mainly depends on the size of the water tank.

The main factors affecting performance on a snow machine is the size of the fluid tank and power rating of the heater and pump. The budget systems will generally create a thicker, more foam-like output than the more powerful systems. This can be a surprise to the uninformed buyer that's perhaps expecting dry snow or powdery texture, but this is how all consumer-level snow systems function. As with smoke machines, the heater on a snow machine affects the atomization of the fluid, turning the liquid into a dispersible, while the pump provides the pressure to ensure the output travels as far as possible from the machine nozzle. The nature of a snow machine means it will use fluid fairly quickly during operation, so the larger the fluid tank onboard, the less it will require refills whilst in use.

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