Stands and Holders

König & Meyer 15520 Elegant and durable aluminum stand for violin. Has a convenient design, which allows you to make it according to the principle o..
Brass and Woodwind,Components and Accessories,Stands and Holders Trumpet Stand König & Meyer 15213 15213-000-55 König & Meyer ..
König & Meyer 152/1 Very light and compact stand for the pipe. Has a metal base, which can be separated for convenient transportation. The holder is..
König & Meyer 14985 Universal stand for trombone. Fiberglass sturdy base. Complex construction of legs. Smooth adjustment of height to your needs. T..
Soundking SKDH001 Stand for trumpet Soundking SKDH001 with height 200-400 mm is made of steel. Weight is 0,7 kg. ..
König & Meyer 15290 A sturdy and reliable stand for a soprano saxophone. It has a 5-legged metal base, which is easily unscrewed for easy transport ..
König & Meyer 14315 Adjustable comfortable stand for curved soprano saxophone. Has a fixed height, and several opportunities for establishing a saxo..
König & Meyer 144/1 A convenient, reliable bar for a baritone saxophone. Has an adjustable height and a foldable 3-legged design. The construction i..
König & Meyer 14335 Jazz Very light and practical stand for tenor saxophone (Bb). The design is made of durable aluminum, has solid rectangular tube..
Brass and Woodwind,Components and Accessories,Stands and Holders Saxophone Stand König & Meyer 14330 Jazz 14330-000-55 König & Meyer ..
König & Meyer 15222 Strong and very stable stand for clarinet. It has a 4-foot metal base, which can be removed for easy transport of the holder. Th..
This page is available in Ukrainian and Russian versions at our website. ..
This page is available in Ukrainian and Russian versions at our website. ..
Maxtone TMH Trumpet hanger. ..
Maxtone SXH Saxophone hanger for exposition pannels. ..
Maxtone TFL56N Metal legs Soft felt Collapsible design Leg Length: 115 mm Height (total/pin): 200 mm / 110 mm Black color ..

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Maxtone FLH Flute hanger for exposition pannels. ..
Brass and Woodwind,Components and Accessories,Stands and Holders,Stands and Holders for Brass and Woodwind Instruments Tuba display stand Hercules DS552B HE-005..
Hercules DS410B Compact stand for the pipe, the contact support is covered with velvet for a secure fixation and safety of the tool. Stable construction on 5..
Hercules DS432B A reliable stand for tenor saxophone, made of durable metal. The contact surfaces are covered with a soft foam coating. The height of the rac..
Brass and Woodwind,Components and Accessories,Stands and Holders Stand for saxophone Hercules DS630BB HE-0070 Hercules ..
Hercules DS543BB The multifunctional stand for wind instruments allows you to place on your own 2 clarinets or flutes, and also a piccolo flute. The design i..
Brass and Woodwind,Components and Accessories,Stands and Holders,Stands and Holders for Brass and Woodwind Instruments Flute stand Hercules DS461B HE-0029 Hercu..
Brass and Woodwind,Components and Accessories,Stands and Holders Deluxe velvet peg for trumpet/cornet Hercules DS501B HE-0030 Hercules ..
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Stands and Holders

Protect your wind instrument from falls

Stands and holders are essential accessories that every serious musician should have. Although cases and bags are important when it comes to safeguarding an instrument from dust and sudden impact with other objects keeping an instrument on its stand is said to raise the likelihood that a player will practice. While bags and cases are important when it comes to protecting the instrument from dust and sudden impacts against other objects, holding the instrument on a stand increases the likelihood of the player exercising. For this reason, most musicians usually place stands in the parts of the house where they spend the most time, such as the bedroom or living room. The practice rooms are also ideal locations for instrument stands. While instrument stands increase the chances of practice, they are also useful during live concerts, especially if the performer uses more than one instrument.

Today's music market is loaded with stands for wind instruments. In addition to stands for single instruments many companies manufacture stands for multiple instruments as well. These are known as combination stands and they're perfect for those who use more than one instrument on stage or in the studio. To ensure these instruments are safe and secure when they're not being played most professional musicians tend to go with stands from companies that have solid reputations for their meticulous attention to detail and high-quality parts. Popular instrument stand brands include Hercules and K&G – both of which specialize in single and combination stands.

Wind instruments are surprisingly delicate instruments. It's easy to damage important instruments by putting them on the floor. Wind instruments are surprisingly delicate instruments. They are very easy to damage. The flute and piccolo have different peg thicknesses, so each has its own stand. Use a stand as often as possible, as placing the instrument on a desk or chair makes it easy to roll and the adjustment of the instrument is very delicate. There are many varieties of clarinets. Because their internal diameter varies, use special stands for each. Universal stands are also effective with many variations. There are many varieties of saxophones: alto, tenor, soprano and baritone. The soprano has both a straight and curved instrument shape, so you need a stand that is appropriate for each. Pegs can be added to the stands for alto, tenor and baritone to further support other instruments. You can use the same stand for the trumpet and cornet. A special stand is required for the flugelhorn. When you are not using the french horn, keep it in a case or on a stand to reduce the burden on the rotary and the bell. Using the tube stand will reduce the risk of deforming the bell's flare. Multi stand is handy when you need to switch between multiple instruments like in an ensemble or playing jazz.

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