Drum Rugs

Pearl PPB-KCP5 The Pearl Crash Pad Drum Mat - a solution as simple as effective in order to stop your drum kit slipping over the ground. Specification Pearl PP..
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Drum Rugs

Rugs for drums

There is no better way to make sure all your drum set is secure and not going anywhere than setting up on top of a proper drum rug. Nothing takes away from the fun of playing drums like a bass drum sliding around on the floor. Most often this happens because the drums are located on an unsuitable playing surface. The right drum rug will help ensure stable play and improve appearance. The majority of drum rugs will be with non-slip or skid-resistant bottoms. These are designed to give you a stable foundation through even your longest sessions. Your most important consideration while finding the right drum rug should be size. The size of a drum rug can range from differing lengths at roughly one meter to nearly two meters. Once you have decided on the size of your drum rug, you next have to consider aesthetics. If you are looking to keep a more reserved image, you can find relatively simple designs with a black base and assorted logos throughout. Besides having a classic look, black drum rug designs allow you to easily add sponsor or band logos and graphics in the future. Your other option is choosing a drum rug with a pre-made finish that include a variety of textures.

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