Rack Bags and Stands

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Bespeco RK25 M6x20 Philips screw ..

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Bespeco RK20 M6x10 Philips screw ..

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Bespeco RK40 Dice M6...
Specifications: Height: 44,3 mm Width: 483 mm Useful Depth: 260 mm Weight: 1,6 kg Total Volume: 0,05 cbm Color: Black Paint: no toxic powder Material of Constr..

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Bespeco PR2K BESPECO PR2K - 2 unit rack level 19 inch. Specifications Height: 88ю6 mm Width: 483 mm Useful Depth: 375 mm Weight: 2ю6 kg Total Volume: 0ю09 cbm ..
Rack hardware for LTS 240 wireless systems. Suitable for mounting up to two receivers in a 1U 19 inch rack. ..
Specifications: Height: 118 cm Width: 56 cm Maximum Depth: 46 cm Useful Depth: 43 cm Weight: 27,5 kg Maximum Carriage Capacity: 100 kg Volume ..
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Steel locks with latch and key. Metal spring-loaded handle with rubber coating. Made of 5 mm marine pine plywood and scratchproof laminate. Resistant silve..
Specifications: Height: 10U Color: Black Material of Construction 7 mm. pine marine ply NOTE: spring-loaded, rubber grip handle drawbolt latches User Guide..
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Made of ABS Covers equipped with butterfly latches Sturdy aluminium handles Front and rear rack bar Screws set for equipment assembling included Bl..
Bespeco CROMIX10P 10U+8U Professional line flight case with adjustable mixer rack bar, realized in pine marine ply 10mm., with scratch-resistant covering. Three..
QSC Touchmix-30 Pro Rack Kit Rack-mount adaptor kit to rack the TouchMix-30 Pro digital mixer in a standard 19” universal rack. Includes installation instructio..
König & Meyer 42020 Sturdy steel rack stand. It has 4 wheels for easy movement, and two of them can be fixed. The top of the rack consists of 12 connectors, as ..

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QSC TMR-01 Rack mounting kit for the TouchMix-8 and TouchMix-16. The TMR-1 takes up 7 Rack spaces in a standard 19" rack. TouchMix mixer is mounted onto rack fr..
Park Audio PD332 Application: supply voltage distribution between consumers in RACKs. Features Power Requirements – three-phase with grounding Input connector ..
Park Audio PD 116 Application: supply voltage distribution between consumers in RACKs. Features Power Requirements – single-phase with grounding Input connecto..
Allen & Heath ZED60-14FX-RK19 Rack mount Allen & Heath ZED60-14FX-RK19 for the Allen & Heath ZED60-14FX mixer...
19” rack stand with 12 units. Made of steel with 4 braking casters. Front/back rack profile, “X” style stabilization bar. Kit with screws..
19” rack stand with 8 units. Made of steel with 4 braking casters. Front/back rack profile, “X” style stabilization bar. Kit with screws ..
Rack flight cases 2U + two covers. User Guide..

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Rack units: 10 Made of ABS Covers equipped with butterfly latches Sturdy aluminium handles Trolley with ABS wheels Front and rear rack bar Screws..
Bespeco CRO312PR 12U Professional line flight case with wheels, realized in pine marine ply 10 mm, with scratch-resistant covering. Two covers and accessories i..
Integrated mixers are often better protected than separate mixers. One disadvantage is that many mixers are less than 19 inches wide, however. To make sure that..
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Rack Bags and Stands

Rack cases and stands

Keep your equipment protected. Rack cases are purpose built to bring safety and security to your gear. Each case boasts a highly durable design, preventing damages whilst you’re out on the road. 19" rack cases are the most common type of road case used for mounting a variety of audio devices. 19" is the industry standard width for rack mountable audio gear. ABS rackcases, commonly known as a flightcase, are regularly used by musicians as they are both light in weight while being extremely tough and durable. Sizes are measured in 'rack units' known as either RU or U, with a 2U / 2RU spec meaning 2 rack units of space. All 19" rack mount gear is sold in standard rack unit measurements, enabling neat and efficient racking.

More and more stage and studio professionals are coming to rely on rack-mounted equipment, and why wouldn't we? Building out a rack is a convenient way to collect all our components in one place, with a layout that allows them all to fit close together and take up less space. From effects to amplifiers to entire DJ and live sound systems, racks can hold just about anything. For the beginner, it may seem reasonable to place their equipment on shelves. But it jeopardizes the sound quality itself. Every piece of equipment has a vibration. Placing them on a shelf magnifies that vibration. Pieces of equipment also produce considerable heat. Placing them on a solid object of any type creates a barrier that reduces the exhaust of heat. The only way to combat these two critical concerns is to use a studio rack mount. 

For most of studios does not include the advanced airflow systems. The unwritten rule is to keep the ambient temperature around your studio equipment below 30-degrees C. Your home studio rack mount provides the area necessary to allow for heat dissipation. The rack design configures 0.5 inches of open space between each unit and 0.24-inches of space on each side, allowing for air to flow naturally and cool the equipment. Rack-mountable equipment has ears installed at the factory. These ears are placed appropriately to fit the standard frame. Looking at the ears, you can see the tapped holes that match the holes drilled into your rack.

The main types of rack mounts for studios come in three categories:

  • The basic rack is the cheapest available and works well in the studio where the function is more valuable than fancy design
  • The portable rack is designed for use by musicians and groups while on the road. These racks are more expensive as portability requires a stronger framework and reliable, lockable wheels
  • The high-end studio rack is the most expensive on the market. These racks are insulated with a soundproofing material that does not conduct heat and therefore requires a silent fan to create airflow to protect your expensive equipment from heat damage

Rack stands, of course, require spare parts, which include: rack shelves, rack panels, rack rails, rack screws, rack drawers, rack brackets, etc.

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