Scene Modules

Soundking DNA001  It is portable, available for adjusting the height, aluminium stage stand. The material for platform is perfect for choosing plywood or organi..
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Scene Modules

Stage modules

Stage modules consist of light, tubular steel base frames, link plates and deck boards. Using stainless steel tubes for the basic modules provides a high strength-to-weight ratio, and well as providing a smart, easily cleaned surface that will not readily corrode. Whether temporary or permanent, modular stage systems can have, among the available options, different surface finishes depending on each particular need and may come in different styles. From a simple podium to the most complicated configuration, you can design your own stage layout. Alternatively standard modular staging kits are available in various sizes, for both single-level and multi-level use.

Modular stage systems provide highly versatile, competitive solutions for staging requirements for all occasions. It’s light, quick and easy to assemble, and can be used as a stand-alone, portable stage, or incorporated into an existing stage system. Your stage can be single-level or multi-level for performance, or tiered for seating and choirs. Durable, multi-ply deck boards are often surfaced in non-slip resin which positively locate on the light but strong, tubular, stainless steel base frames. Other stage board finishes are also available in carpeted, varnished and vinyl.

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