D'andrea 1605 BLK Alto-tenor-baritone sax stap, nylon slide adjustment w/metal hook.ook...
Hohner HB6 Harmonica belt Hohner HB6 features pockets for 6 HOHNER harps, practical clip fastener and individually adjustable length. Harps are not included...
Bach 2501162 A harness that is not only functional but extremely comfortable! The 2501162 uses neoprene reinforced with an elastic support system which carries ..
D'andrea 1315 BLK Alto-tenor-baritone sax strap. Strong 5/8" nylon web with adjustable slide and coated steel hook. Black...
D'andrea 1202 BLK Strap for alto/tenor saxophone D'andrea 1202 BLK features vinyl neck guard, nylon cord w/slide adjustment and molded plastic hook...
Bespeco TC10BK Strap for saxophone, with pad. Black color...
Jazzlab Saxholder XXL The traditional sax strap or sax harness transfers the whole weight of the instrument to the neck. By the time many performers complain of..
Jazzlab Saxholder M The traditional sax strap or sax harness transfers the whole weight of the instrument to the neck. By the time many performers complain of c..
Bach 7946В Saxophone slimline neck strap, most comfortable for alto or tenor saxophone...
BG France Harness ABG S42SH Evenly disperses weight over shoulders. Reduce the strain on the neck muscle. Easy and fast to use: 4 buckles in front for quick adj..
Maxtone AS03 Adjustable length Metal hook Production: Taiwan Black color ..
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Straps for wind instruments

Comfort should always be a top priority when playing your wind instrument – after all, you wouldn't want shoulder, arm or hand fatigue to hinder your performance. Since there are going to be times when sitting down to play just isn't an option, a strap is a fantastic accessory to have in your case or gig bag. 

Playing a wind instrument can be a physically demanding task and not all instruments are easily held with only a player's bare hands. Many performances require the use of straps and supports to assist with managing the instrument's weight and bulk especially for larger wind instruments like baritone saxophones and bassoons. Examples include body harnesses that distribute weight to the shoulders and waist and seat straps that hang from the musician's chair. There are many styles to choose from allowing each player to find the best fit for his or her body and instrument.

Products like saxophone straps, bassoon seat straps and saxophone harnesses are not the only type of wind instruments support available to players. For instruments of any size thumbrests and cushions are common additions to ease fatigue on the fingers. A good complement of these accessories will not only make an instrument more comfortable to play, it can also provide a variety of benefits including improved player posture and a lower risk of damage to the instrument. The type of strap you choose will ultimately come down to the instrument you play and the functionality you're looking for.

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