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Light Filters

Lighting filters

Lighting filters are colored, translucent sheets of thin plastic. They are  to correct color and lighting issues. Use colored filters for lights and for color correction to create various tones of colors. Placing filter over a light source can alter the entire mood of the space in which you’re shooting or fix undesirable lighting conditions. Depending on your chosen color, you can warm a room or create a surreal atmosphere. These filters are typically used by theatre directors, technical directors and stage crews to change the color of light in theatrical or stage productions. Filters are also used for photography, television, film and movie production purposes. Using lighting filters can be a simple way of creating an effect without having to change all of your lighting so they are popular choice for many users.

The major types of filters are:

  • Color filters
  • Diffusion filters
  • LED filters

Color filters are used to change the color of a light. Diffusion filters are used to soften or spread a light beam and reduce the contrast between highlight areas. LED filters are specifically designed for use with LED applications. Filters are made from a few different types of materials. Standard filters are made from a very thin polyester materials. Filters are also available in dichroic and glass forms. The selection of a color is a very personal process. Everyone sees colors in a slightly different way. It can sometimes be difficult to communicate exactly which color you are envisioning in your mind's eye. With a huge number of color and size options, here you will find the right light filters for the right color design of the scene.

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