Components and Accessories

Microphone stand mount and adjustable tray for iPad 2 and other tablet devices Tray Adjusts To Fit iPad, iPad 2, And Most Other Large Format Tablets Tra..
Universal tablet holder for side/top connection to microphone & music stands Clever, safe and practical design allows musicians to integrate their tab..
iKlip Grip is the new multifunctional video stand with Bluetooth shutter control* for smartphones, compact video cameras, audio field recorders and more. iKlip ..
iKlip GO is the latest addition to IK's line of professional supports and accessories for tablets, smartphones, compact digital cameras and action cameras. ..
The first smartphone broadcast mount for pro-quality audio/video. Take your best shots! iKlip A/V is a complete mobile solution for professional audio..
Mini Multi-fuction Extensible Tripod Unique 2 in 1 phone holder design, CKMOVA GT1 is compatible with mobile, mirrorless camera and DSLRs, perfect for video ..
The best
The best
Laptop and video projector stand made of steel and adjustable in height and tilt. Perforated board for the ventilation of devices and raised edge for more ..
IK Multimedia invented the live tablet support in 2011, changing the way musicians were carrying their mobile devices on stage. After years of refinement and im..
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Components and Accessories

Components and accessories for audio-visual equipment

Using audio-visual equipment is the perfect way to give a professional presentation or enjoy watching a concert in good quality. Offering stunning visuals and sound, this equipment is a great way to have a cinematic experience. But no matter what you are using the equipment for – you will need some accessories. The assortment includes various accessories: cables, remotes, bags, racks, mounting brackets, etc.

Audiovisual equipment is a key component of successful performances. The presenter can prepare and practice whatever he or she wants, but poorly functioning equipment can be a hindrance. You need to secure against malfunctions with additional components and accessories.

Projector screen

A projector screen is one of the essential accessories to use with your projector. It is among the accessories that help you get a smooth and clear image. Using a wall or blanket as a projector screen is great for occasional use. However, for a dedicated professional space, you need to invest in a quality projection screen. It has a smoother surface and superior image quality. For indoor areas that have high ambient light, a light-rejecting projector screen is a must unless you can shut out the light completely. You can buy a projector screen in different sizes and aspect ratios.

Brackets and stands for projection screens

Beautiful visuals and slides may not do much good without structural support for a screen. Bringing a reliable, flexible and affordable mounted monitor arm gives a presenter flexibility and assurance that visuals are presented from the best possible angle no matter the room layout.

A projector tripod is one of the best accessories for their owners. The stand provides a flat surface and can be used anywhere. You can extend the tripod legs for use and retract them for transportation. Bracket mount keep a projector from getting damaged as the device is mounted securely with screws. You won’t have to worry about someone accidentally knocking over the projector.

Lens cleaning solutions

Projectors get dirty over time due to dirt and dust. Even if they have a sealed lens assembly and filters, dust will settle on the lens’s exterior. It will impact the quality of the image projected. Therefore, it is crucial to clean the projector regularly using a cleaning kit. A projector lens cleaner is among accessories that keep projectors from getting damaged.

Air filters 

Does the projector get warm when you perform for a long time? Most likely it's time to replace the air filter. Your equipment will run smoother and last longer on a modest investment in a quality air filter. Little things like this can make or break a presentation. Skillfully checking and replacing a projector air filter will pay off, because no one likes to deal with faulty equipment, right?


Most projectors do not have built-in speakers. If they do, in most cases they are of low quality and barely audible. It is best to choose external speakers to enhance the viewing experience. Projector speakers are available in a variety of sizes.


A projector case allows you to transport the projector conveniently and securely. It also provides storage space for other accessories as well. It will protect the device from scratches and blemishes as well as environmental elements like dust. Projector cases with thick paddings are the best accessories for projectors as they minimize physical damage.

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