Fog Generators

MARQ HAZE 800 DMX The Haze 800 DMX delivers haze effects custom-tailored to your exact requirements. DMX functions give you advanced programming options and com..
MARQ HAZE 700 Create dramatic haze effects with the compact, easy-to-use Haze 700. A variable output control makes it simple to achieve the exact feel you’re lo..
Generator fog HAZE 400 FT is equipped with an internal compressor that requires no maintenance. A special scheme of movement of the mist inside the device and ..
The Haze 400 FT™ has an internal, maintenance-free air compressor, a sophisticated haze transfer mechanism and a specially designed liquid tank, together with t..
FAZE 800 FT PRO™ offers a new concept of Faze machine using both liquid and air pumps, where the liquid in the pipes is mixed with air bubbles before it goes to..
This versatile FAZE 1050 FT™ is the result of an evolution between a fog and a haze machine. The Faze 1050 FT™ has the best features of both technologies withou..
Heiser principle of operation is based on dispersion, that is, dispelling liquid into fine particles without preheating. Descriptions: Fog generator compressor..

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Djpower H-3 Djpower H-3 is a top of the range water-based haze machine designed for the highly demanding professional market. It comes pre-built-in aluminum all..
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Fog Generators