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Fog Generators

Haze generators

Whether you are a DJ, lighting specialist, venue owner, or a part of a stage production, haze machines create an incredible effect that highlights your lighting. If you are looking to add atmosphere and ambience to a room, or want to highlight your lighting effects, haze is a convenient and fun way to do so. What is the difference between a haze and fog machine? Haze machines are far less likely to set off fire alarms, making them ideal for indoor use.

Some key differences between fog and haze:

  • Haze is generally less dense, creates less of a visible cloud, and does not irritate people’s breathing ability as dramatically as fog. Typically you can’t see haze in the air
  • On average, haze has a less detectable scent than fog
  • Haze will accentuate your lighting (making light beams more visible), but not as dramatically as fog
  • Fog machines vaporize fluid using heat, while haze machines do this without heat in a compression chamber

Although there are plenty of good reasons to use a haze machine, there are a few good reasons to opt for fog instead. For example, if you’re looking to create a dense cloud that completely envelopes your audience, stage, or haunted house haze is not the way to go. To achieve this type of dramatic fog effect, you will definitely need a solid fog machine. Another reason to use fog instead of haze is when you’re operating in an outdoor environment. Haze is not nearly as dense as fog, so even the slightest breeze will dissipate the haze rendering your effect useless. Haze is an excellent option for indoor applications, but will not serve you well outdoors.

Finding the best haze machine will help you create a stunning visual effect with your lights and take things to the next level. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as seeing your lights in action, so equip yourself with an incredible hazer. Whether you’re a DJ, in production, filmmaker, or enthusiast, there’s a haze machine out there for you.

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