Orchestral Cymbals

Paiste PST 3 Band 14" Clear, defined attack. Well balanced mix of overtones. Medium sustain. Easy to handle and very responsive...
Paiste PST 5 Band Silvery attack, sensitive response. Well-rounded and clean mix of overtones, resulting in a full-bodied bouquet with warm brilliance and spark..
Bright, full, warm, brilliant, with a robust, fiery crash. Solid attack and response, with a medium bright, full and sparkling sustain. Size: 18"..
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Orchestral Cymbals

Orchestral cymbals (also called concert cymbals or Clash cymbals) - unpitched percussion instrument produced sound harsh, ringing or hissing. As a drum cymbals, orchestral cymbals are made from brass or bronze by casting or forging. Orchestral clash cymbals and most band cymbals have leather straps passed through the holes in their bells, leading to four tails which are knotted inside the bell, to allow the player to hold them. Musician receives sound, strucking Orchestral cymbals together by bringing the upper cymbal down and the lower up to meet in approximately the middle.

Normally one pair of clash cymbals mounted on a pedal-operated stand and can be in open and closed positions. In this case Orchestral cymbals are played with drum sticks. Clash cymbals emphasize and enrich the rhythm, add colorful, dynamic and visual effects.

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