Finger Cymbals

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Finger Cymbals

Finger cymbals

Finger cymbals consist of two tiny cymbals that attach to the fingers of each hand and then hit together. They could easily fit on your fingers and require a minimum amount of effort for playing. They are not just toys - they are indeed real musical instruments. Their reduced size may cause some doubts, but the finger cymbals have their own role in a musical piece or artistic performance. Most often zills are used by artists that dancing, as their reduced size allows them to perform well without burdening them as they move on the stage.

Originating from Turkey and their ability to produce a wide array of unique tones makes them ideal for marching bands and orchestral performances as well. Of course, their miniature nature also makes them a perfect tool for teaching percussion to younger students – in fact many of today's top drum and percussion manufacturers specialize in their own finger cymbal models. Finger cymbals may look small but they can be applied to any number of musical situations. The zills are available in a variety of configurations and sets. Finger cymbals have clear pitching tones, as well as long sustain, ensuring the sound will not be lost among the rest of the percussion.

If you never used such musical instruments before, it would be recommended to choose a smaller set of finger cymbals at first. They are lighter and they will allow to get used to playing them while increasing dexterity at the same time. Once you find it easy to play your finger cymbals, you can move to larger and heavier pieces. A nice tone is another detail you should look for. Finger cymbals are made out of metal alloys and the sound they make depends on the metal used for their manufacturing. The circumference and the height of their dome also impacts the sounds their make. Cymbals with a higher dome will produce deeper and warmer sounds, while those with a lower dome will produce notes with a higher pitch.

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