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Musical literature

Practical music lessons, perhaps, could not exist in the form we all know if there were no literature for musicians. Musical literature is designed to give that necessary impetus to the development of abilities and a theoretical basis, without which practice would be simply impossible. This is both educational literature and historical materials. Memoirs and reminiscences of contemporaries. All kinds of manuals, sheet music and musical notebooks, which are so necessary for a novice musician and theoretical studies. Music theory is not at all a dead science (however, of course, there are exceptions), but rather the key to the door, behind which is the world of music. Even self-taught musicians could not completely dispense with some kind of literature. Music sheets are certainly used, and tutorials and manuals are becoming a substitute for the teacher. There is a music library in every institution, starting with a music school or studio. These are not only textbooks and theoretical works, but also sheet music by which already accomplished performers learn to play and play. Considering modern realities, some of this may be in electronic form, but, nevertheless, it does not change the essence.

All literature that deals with music can be divided into those that are used in practice, and those that are purely theoretical. The practical part is made up of notes, music books, manuals, manuals, self-study guides, textbooks that may not imply practical use, for example, tell about the history of the development of a musical genre or phenomenon. The theoretical part includes textbooks on, for example, polyphony or the modal system, as well as biographies of composers and performers, memoirs of contemporaries, the history of music from different countries and much more. Very often literature for music lessons is published in the form of series and sets of several units. Such music collections can have thematic, author's and other principles of composition. All copies have the same design and print quality. They are often presented in a gift version and can, thanks to this, occupy the main place on the shelf. Another criterion by which we can divide musical literature can be the focus: scientific, popular science and entertainment. Scholarly literature includes all of the above types plus special publications like journals and books that are published by educational and research institutions. Popular science literature is both the music press (magazines, newspapers, online resources), and part of biographies and memoirs from the scientific section. Entertainment  is that part of online publications and the press that does not fit the criteria of scientific and popular science.

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