Generators Сonfettі

Djpower DC-2 СО2 Use CO2 as power to blow confetti to air, the machine has special design to shipping more confetti for better effect. Perfect design and strong..
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Generators Сonfettі

Everybody loves confetti!

If you want to release confetti for stage performances and parties then getting a good confetti launcher is a must. Nowadays, you will find a huge variety of confetti launchers. When choosing the right confetti launchers, you must take into consideration its pricing, the kind of confetti burst you are looking for, the scale of your event and the launch mechanism of the device. If you are someone who has huge events in large spaces lined up, then you should invest in professional and automatic confetti launcher as they are easy to set up and convenient to use with an amazing yet dramatic effect. Large cannons (which typically measure almost 80 cm in length) can fire confetti up to a distance of 12 meters, while their smaller counterparts (measuring almost 25 cm long) can shoot up to 8 meters. Whether your event is indoors or outdoors too can play a role when you select a confetti cannon to buy.

If you are using biodegradable confetti, then it poses not much harm to the environment. However, the shiny confetti material is plastic therefore, it isn’t too environment friendly. Automatic confetti launchers are environment friendly as well since they generally don’t require CO2 or compressed air. The confetti launchers are an essential part of jazzing up the performance and stage experience. Therefore, when it comes to investing in this device it totally depends on the kind of event scale.

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