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Pinspots for mirror balls

Pinspots are the perfect accessory for mirror balls. Simply aim it on the ball and beams of light will bounce all around the room. Pinspots are available with LED, halogen and incandescent lamps. Often these light can be controlled by DMX. Pinspots have the task of illuminating mirror balls or reflecting objects in the room so that the light is spread throughout the room by reflection. Pinspots are more compact and space-saving than large spotlights and can therefore also be installed in confined spaces. The mini spotlights can be quickly mounted and dismounted for events and can be placed even on the smallest stage. In this category you will find single and multicolor pinspots for indoor and outdoor use.

One way to get the most out of the mirror ball is to always make sure it's being lit from two sides. One of the pinspots will cover one-half of the mirror ball's surface. To get the full "disco effect" the pin spots should be located on opposite sides of the ball so that each lights one-half. Sometimes, you may only want one-half of the ball lit. For example, you may want the light to appear on the stage floor, but not on the curtain or backdrop behind the scene. To achieve this, you would hang the pin spot downstage of the mirror ball and focus it on the hemisphere that faces the audience. This would throw light onto the floor (and into the audience) but nothing would appear behind the mirror ball.

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