Professional Synthesizers

Reason for markdowns: Light showroom - synthesizer was in the store, because there were light scuffs and minor scratches. The Roland DisCover 5 RealTime..
The Brute line is now in a new, completely black edition - Noir Edition. MiniBrute 2 has evolved from the legendary monosynth that revolutionized the analog ..
Get the Arturia FX Collection with Arturia MiniBrute! Hurry, the promotion will last until April 30 or until the last MiniBrute sold! MiniBrute is a revo..
MiniFreak is a polyphonic hybrid keyboard that combines two digital sound engines with warm analog filters, playful modulation, spontaneous sequencing, and rich..
Whether you’re looking for your first, affordable hardware synth or are a collector looking for original sounds and unique interface, MicroFreak is the sy..
The PC3 introduced the world to a new generation of ground-breaking Kurzweil technology, having a synthesis architecture that remains unparalleled in depth and ..
Kurzweil PC3K7 introduced the world to a new generation of ground-breaking Kurzweil technology, having a synthesis architecture that remains unparalleled i..
Kurzweil K2661, a 61-note synth action keyboard workstation that combines a "go anywhere" attitude with the elegance and power of the Kurzweil K2600 s..
Fantastic sounds, reliable performance, musical expressiveness, ease of use; these are the things we believe are essential to the design of an affordable keyboa..
The Kurzweil PC3K6 introduced the world to a new generation of ground-breaking Kurzweil technology, having a synthesis architecture that remains unparallel..
The Yamaha Reface YC mobile mini keyboard provides you with authentic, great-sounding organ sounds that you can carry under your arm. You get five different org..
The Yamaha Reface DX Mobile Mini Keyboard puts the iconic sound of a 4-operator FM synthesizer in your hands, along with a host of modern features like built-in..
Inspired by the iconic CS-80 polyphonic analog synthesizer, the Yamaha Reface CS mobile mini keyboard evokes the very essence of the legendary synth of yesterye..
The Yamaha PSR-SX600 is an arranger workstation that combines a wide range of sounds together with powerful features great for performers, hobbyi..

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The Yamaha MX88 is a lightweight and portable music synthesizer with 88 full-sized, touch-sensitive keys and over 1,000 Voices from the legendary MOTIF. Am..

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The new MX series combines Motif XS sounds, USB Audio/MIDI connectivity and advanced DAW/VST controller features at a ground breaking level of affordability. Th..
Welcome to the new era in Synthesizers from the company that brought you the industry-changing DX and the hugely popular Motif. Building on the legacy of these ..

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Powered by specially developed Yamaha technology, the sonic quality of every Voice in Genos is beyond any other Digital Workstation you've ever played. Ever..
The legendary producer of keyboard instruments Korg debuts the most high-quality arranging machine – Pa700! The Pa700 has many new and varied sounds ..
A next-generation polyphonic analog synthesizer – and so much more.  Minilogue’s newly developed analog synthesizer circuit delivers po..
Semi-modular synthesizer Moog Mother-32 has a 32-step sequencer with 64 sequences, does not require traditional patching. Also the device is equipped with low- ..
With an amazingly lightweight design and all the sounds you'll need, the Nord Stage 3 Compact is an outstanding performance instrument. This fifth-generatio..
The 73-key Nord Electro 6D 73 stage piano/synthesizer brings a new level of versatility to an already established keyboard. Primed for live performance, the Ele..
The 61-key Nord Electro 6D 61 stage piano/synthesizer brings a new level of versatility to an already established keyboard. Primed for live performance, the Ele..
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Professional Synthesizers

Keyboard workstations

Workstations – digital keyboard musical instrument, which combines a drum machine (programmable device to create the accompaniment), synthesizer (a tool that generates an audio signal and helps to change the characteristics of the sound wave, resulting in a change in the nature of sound), Sequencer (device which helps the musician to work simultaneously with multiple audio tracks and to record them), as well as the effects processor, which allows you to further modify and embellish the sound of the instrument.

Appearance of the first workstation refers to the end of 70th and the appearance in the 82 th year, the MIDI standard even more expanded opportunities for musicians. In the 90s, thanks to the standardization of formats, professional workstations (professional synthesizers) reached a new level, and found the most similar interface and functionality with modern models. Workstations of 2000s stands out above all improved user interface – touch-screen, touchpad and digital controllers. With it you can easily create, manage and play electronic music, personally controlling the whole process. Make no mistake – this is a great choice!

Since workstations are designed to address composition and production needs, the main features to keep in mind are their sequencing and recording capabilities. Workstations already have built-in MIDI sequencers for capturing, adding and editing tracks. Some of them also have a microphone or line input that lets you incorporate audio to sequenced tracks. Another feature to consider that would take your recordings to the next level are its onboard effects. Most workstations have the basic built-in effects that can be applied to individual tracks and/or the whole mix. Some of them that have audio recording capabilities have EQ and dynamic related effects. These provide more flexibility when it comes to personalizing your final sound.

Main advantages of keyboard workstations:

  • A multifaceted sound
  • Versatility
  • Wide-ranging capabilities
  • Reliability in operation

This section features keyboard workstations that cover the needs of everyone from intermediate users to professionals who compose and create music in a variety of styles.

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