Dunlop Akiri Takasaki Custom Primetone Pick 1.4MM From the moment Akira Takasaki first played the Primetone Small Tri Pick, he was hooked. This was exactly w..
D'Andrea AGP351 An assorted pick from the Graphics Pick set. Specs Shape: Classic Two types of thicknesses: MD (medium hard) and HV (hard) R..
Guitar pick Series Sharp Age. The thickness of 1,30 mm. Material: polycarbonate. Color: gray. Size: >1.20 mm ..
Guitar pick Series Classic. The thickness of 1,00 mm. Material: polycarbonate. Color: black/gray. Size: <0.80 mm ..
Guitar pick Series Sharp Age. The thickness of 1,30 mm. Material: рlastic. Color: blue. Size: >1.20 mm ..
Picks,Picks Pick Techra THSC701 POLYCARBONATE ALU COLOR SHARP EDGE 17-20-11-19 Techra..
Picks,Picks Pick Techra THSC675 POLYCARBONATE ALU-COLOR CLASSIC 17-20-11-14 Techra..
Picks,Picks Pick Techra THSC700 POM RESIN SHARP EDGE 17-20-11-18 Techra..
Picks,Picks Assortment Pick D'Andrea PGB351 ProGrip Brites 17-20-9-59 D'Andrea..
Guitar pick Series Classic. The thickness of 0,85 mm. Material: polycarbonate. Color: black/gray. Size: 0,81-1,19 mm ..
Guitar pick series Sharp Age. The thickness of 1,30 mm. Material: plastic with carbon fibers. Black color. Size: >1.20 mm ..
Guitar pick Series Classic. The thickness of 0,60 mm. Material: polycarbonate. Color: black/gray. Size: <0.80 mm     ..
Guitar pick Series Classic. The thickness of 0,85 mm. Material: plastic with carbon fibers. Color: gray/black. Size: 0,81-1,19 mm     ..
Picks,Picks Pick Techra THSC575 CARBON FIBRES CLASSIC 17-20-11-10 Techra..
Picks,Picks Pick D'Andrea RK351 Medium (Rockabilly) 17-20-9-94 D'Andrea..
Picks,Picks Pick Techra THSC560 CARBON FIBRES CLASSIC 17-20-11-9 Techra..
Picks,Picks Pick Techra THSC702 CARBON FIBRES SHARP EDGE 17-20-11-21 Techra..
Picks,Picks Assorted Pick D'Andrea RO351 17-20-9-78 D'Andrea..
D'Andrea HO351 Holographics Refill Bag Assorted pick with holographic coating. Specs Shape: Classic Hardness level: Heavy Size: 0,81 - 1,19 ..
Picks,Picks Pick Techra THSC100 POM RESIN CLASSIC 17-20-11-5 Techra..
Picks,Picks Assorted mediator D'Andrea PL-MD Peace & Love Medium 17-20-9-93 D'Andrea..
Picks,Picks Pick Techra THSC500 CARBON FIBRES CLASSIC 17-20-11-12 Techra..

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Solid picks 1.5 mm, the shape of a small elongated drop. ..

33 ₴

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Picks,Picks Pick D'Andrea PRO-310 17-20-9-73 D'Andrea..
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Guitar picks

Guitar picks differ in material, size, shape, thickness, color and all kinds of graphic design. Typically, the material of the pick must be less hard material in comparison with the strings, since the active playing, as a result of friction, one of the contact material is grinding and grinds the faster, which is softer. Metal picks used mainly when playing the electric guitar. Guitar pick price – ranging from a few cents up to more expensive professional pick of composite material which have an ergonomic shape, and weight of the optimum tip proportion. Also, there are mediators wich dresses straight to your finger, as the title of the claw as a mediator is present in our range.


One of the first things to consider is the gauge or thickness of the plectrum. They come in thin or light gauges through to thick or heavy gauges. Light gauge (.38 mm – .60 mm) will have a direct bearing on the tone you produce. Picks of this gauge are quite bendy and are good for strumming. They produce a nice bright sound. Also good for beginners as they offer less resistance than a heavier pick, making strumming a bit easier and are gentler on the guitar strings. Medium gauge picks (.65 mm – .88 mm) are a little more rigid and will produce a thicker sound. Can be used for single note or solo playing or for a beefier strumming tone. Heavy gauge (.96 mm – 3 mm) because there less flexibility in these picks they lend themselves best to rock rhythm playing, soloing styles and bass playing. The heaviest guitar picks are not good for strumming. 


Having decided on a suitable gauge, the material that the plectrum is made from will also have an effect on your tone.

  • Matt celluloid – a slightly textured feel to enhance grip. Also produces a warm sound
  • Nylon – a very smooth surface, quick release, suits strumming styles
  • Celluloid – very popular material for guitar picks. Has a smooth surface and warm sound
  • Embossed picks – a raised area on the surface provides good grip
  • Stubby – usually made from material such as lexan. At least 1mm in gauge, their rigidity means they lend themselves to single note lead styles

Guitar pick shapes

The shape of your guitar pick plays a big part in your comfort when playing. Pick shape is a very personal thing and guitarists tend to stick to a certain shape. If you have never experimented with different pick shapes before, you need to. You will hate most of the pick shapes you try, but you might find one shape that blows your mind and completely changes the way you play. The most important part of a pick’s shape is the tip that points towards the strings. This is the part that makes contact with the strings, so its shape matters.

Buy guitar picks in our stores

Not sure which type of guitar pick to choose? Our sales consultants will help you choose the right product for you. Online consultation is also possible. You can buy guitar pick in our stores. It is also possible to place an order on our website musician.ua. Delivery is carried out all over Ukraine. Thanks to the wide assortment, everyone will be able to choose a product that suits the characteristics and cost. We take care of the quality of service and do everything possible to make sure that you are satisfied with your purchase.