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Sound Modules

Sound modules

Sound modules – equipment that will help you ease the process of creating, recording and arranging music. In this section you can select the sound modules from different manufacturers. Modular synthesizers appeared in the 60s of the last century. From any other type of synthesizer module characterized by the presence of such qualitie as flexibility of architecture. The concept is simple: you buy some relatively small (both in price and in size) modules that contain a variety of components used for sound synthesis (oscillators, LFOs, amplifiers, modulators, etc.). Connecting these modules with each other by means of special cables (patch cords), you get the desired synthesizer architecture. 


Also sound modules are used to generate a MIDI signal to the MIDI keyboard as often when working with MIDI – musician need additional sources of audio tracks and a wider variety of tracks to play. If a musician builds a system of external sound modules, the computer serves as a convenient sequencer. This is usually used only one sequencer program. If this program has the ability to record audio tracks, then in the presence of a computer sound card can play the role of not only the sequencer, and a studio multichannel recorder. In the construction of an external sound module it is also desirable to the presence of the mixing console, which will summarize the sound signal (if sound card on your computer is not required). If the computer system is powerful and has a professional sound card with multiple audio inputs, the role can also perform remote computer (in this case, it must be equipped with an audio recording program).

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