Rent of equipment

To rent our musical instruments and equipment - not only convenient, but fast! You can enjoy full range of services, including delivery, setup and service of the equipment during event.

Only here you can rent musical equipment for different purposes:

  • stage, backLine;
  • studio recording;
  • shooting video;
  • concert production;
  • presentations, PR-actions;
  • TV shows and image events;
  • Exhibitions, presentations, conferences;
  • Any celebrations.
Consulting and ordering of rental musical instruments and equipment are providing by phones:
(050) 462 95 07, (063) 730 53 09, (068) 761 97 86


Our service center is equipped by everything necessary for diagnosis and repair. We provide warranty and post-warranty repair of professional audio and light equipment, including bought a side

All work is performed by experienced, qualified experts

The service center is equipped with modern equipment for diagnostics and repair

Always available spare parts from manufacturers


Reasonable prices for maintenance and repair

Quality assurancem repair and maintenance

You are always up to date repair process


We offer such services as:

  • Calling specialist at your venue for checking equipment;
  • Diagnosis and elimination of minor malfunctions;
  • Mounting, dismounting of equipment;
  • Emergency call for diagnosis and repair of light and sound equipment.
Only here - reasonable prices for service and repair, a guarantee of quality! Order service by phone:
(050) 462 95 07, (063) 730 53 09, (068) 761 97 86

Guitar workshop

We have a Guitar Workshop, which provides wide range of repair services and instruments upgrade.

Thanks to the years of experience, high-tech equipment and direct collaboration with the best guitar brands, our luthiers are able to perform works of any complexity in a short time.

In our price list you can find list of the main services of our Guitar Workshop. If there is no desired service in the list, you should not worry: just call us and we will solve your problem!


Out-of-warranty diagnostic work

  1. Guitar diagnostics (electronics)
  2. Guitar diagnostics (mechanics, body, neck)
  3. Diagnostics of passive acoustic systems
  4. Diagnostics of active acoustic systems
  5. Diagnostics of amplifiers, mixing consoles, sound processing
  6. Diagnostics of digital pianos and copper keyboards
  7. Headphone diagnostics

Non-warranty repair work

  1. Soldering 1 point (cable, transistor, capacitor, resistance)
  2. Replacement of parts by block
  3. The work of a service engineer not on electronic components (gluing, drilling, painting) 1 hour
  4. The work of a service engineer for complex repairs (amplifiers, mixing consoles, etc.) 1 hour
  5. HF speaker rewind and recovery
  6. Rewind and restoration of midrange speakers
  7. Rewinding and restoration of woofer speakers

Guitar works

  1. Changing strings and tuning the guitar
  2. Neck adjustment
  3. Tuning and maintenance of guitar mechanics
  4. Complex works (painting, gluing, repairs after falls, etc.)
  5. Guitar polishing
Only here - reasonable prices for service and repair with a guarantee of quality! Order services by phone:
(050) 462 95 07, (063) 730 53 09, (068) 761 97 86.


We provide installation of equipment in various venues: clubs, cafes, restaurants, pubs, concert halls, school assembly halls, open airs, industrial buildings and so on.

We offer such services as:

  • Installation of professional sound and light equipment, disco drafting "turnkey";
  • Installation of translational equipment for organization of warning systems;
  • Drafting of sound systems for venues;
  • Commissioning works.
Call us:
(050) 462 95 07, (063) 730 53 09, (068) 761 97 86

Rent of musical instruments

  • Do you need drums for live performance or studio recording?
  • Need a wireless microphone for presentation?
  • Would you like to rent a piano or digital piano for the image event?

Then you are where you need to be!

Moreover, you can rent any musical instruments for teaching.

Only at us - reasonable prices and guarantee of quality! Call:
(050) 462 95 07, (063) 730 53 09, (068) 761 97 86.