Microphone Stands & Holders

Maximum Acoustic MHC is a universal microphone holder that is suitable for most handheld microphone models. Made in the form factor "clothespin", the ..
Maximum Acoustic MHS is a universal microphone holder that fits most handheld microphones. The mount is made of special flexible plastic, thanks to which a reli..
Maximum Acoustics STUDIO.P50 is a microphone stand that attaches to your desk with a sturdy screw clamp, thus removing any need for a bulky, intrusive mic ..
Maximum Acoustics HERON.18 is a lightweight microphone stand that is ideal for home recording and podcasting. The clip is compatible with most handheld mic..
Maximum Acoustics HERON.35 is a microphone stand that is ideal for home recording and podcasting. The stand is height-adjustable for ease of use (18 &..
This professional suspension shock mount isolates most studio condenser mics from physical vibration, floor, and stand noise. It is a very nice shock mount for ..
Microphone holder with spring clip. Also suitable for wireless microphones. ..
Microphone holder for drums. To be applied to the rim shot of the drums. ABS plastic. Made in black color. ..
Internal-spring Design and Hidden Cable Management This microphone boom arm features internal tension spring delivers silent and flexible positioning. Hidden..
Professional big dimension microphone stand with telescopic boom featuring an alumium tripod base with nylon clutch-style height adjustment. Features T..
Bespeco MS16 is a revolution in the standard concept of microphone stands. Thanks to the central connection, which allows the top boom to rotate 270°, a reg..
Chromed microphone goosneck, 5/8". Lenght: 30 cm. Black color. ..
This microphone shockmount is designed to absorb vibrations from the floor and air, allowing a cleaner reproduction of sound. This microphone shockmount i..
CRANE.10 is a height-adjustable crane microphone stand from Maximum Acoustics. The stand is adjustable from a minimum height of 80 cm to a maximum of 185 cm. Th..
Anti-vibration microphone holder. ABS plastic. Made in black color. ..
Aluminum Telescoping Boompole with Internal XLR Cable BP30A Smooth 5-section telescoping boompole flexible telescopic adjustment of length. 85 cm 142..
Shockmount is designed to absorb vibrations from the floor and air, allowing a cleaner reproduction of sound. Suits large condenser microphones. The shockmount ..
Quik Lok A302 BK EU – crane-type microphone stand on a tripod. Features Steel stand Height adjustment 97 - 163 cm The swing arm length is 77 ..
Table microphone stand from steel. Sound-absorbing cast-iron base with black powder-coated screw-in rod, 3/8" thread. The rack is made in black. Feature..
Inexpensive, convenient desktop microphone tripod for professional use. Durable plastic base with easy folding legs and 3/8" threads. Made in black. Fea..
Tabletop microphone base. It has a durable die-cast zinc body and a nice lightweight design. To connect a microphone to a mixer, the base has an XLR input/outpu..
Table/Floor microphone stand. Black rectangular cast-iron base with tilt angle adjustment, 2-piece adjustable extension tubing with non-marring height-adjustmen..
A modernized version of the classic 210/2 rack. Die-cast zinc plinth with long folding legs. Special height adjustment mechanism with telescopic swivel boom. Ma..
This compact overhead microphone stand is now even lighter and more stable. Thanks to a new leg combination and a new clamping element, its weight has been redu..
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Microphone Stands & Holders

Microphone stands and holders

Microphone placement is a critical element in getting the best sound from your microphone. It is extremely important to have a microphone stand that is both extremely stable and easily adjustable. Unlike live mic stands which are engineered to be light weight and easy to move, studio mic stands tend to be heavier and have longer reach. In addition to providing extra stability, added mass makes mic stands less likely to be affected by floor-transmitted vibrations. The main types of microphone stands are:

  • Straight stands with tripod or round base
  • Boom stands
  • Low-profile stands
  • Desktop stands
  • Overhead stands

Straight microphone stands are available with a round base or with three folding legs. Stands with a round base are extremely strong, stable and difficult to tip over. Racks with three legs tend to work better on uneven surfaces, but you can easily trip over their legs. Boom stands has a lockable joint which connects the lower stand to the upper part, the so-called boom. Stands of this type can be easily adapted to different instruments and playing positions. Low-profile stands are used for microphones that are designed for bass drums or guitar amps. Overhead stands are needed to place the microphone over the drum set to capture the sound of the cymbals, as well as to give a more natural sound to the entire drum set. Desktop stands are especially popular in radio broadcasting, they can be quickly and securely placed within their operating range.

The easiest way to attach a microphone to a stand is usually the included clip. Some popular mics use special clips that can be expensive to replace when they break. Jaw-style clips are another popular option. While they may not look as sleek and unobtrusive as fixed clips, they can adapt to various microphones and different diameters. Shock mounts are the preferred method for mounting microphones in the studio, and sometimes even on stage. This prevents the microphone from picking up low-frequency noise transmitted mechanically through the stand.

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