Drum Thrones

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Universal chair for a musician with a trapezoidal seat and screw height adjustment from 46 cm to 63 cm. Seat color - black, seat length - 40 cm, width - 11..

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A chair that will suit many areas. Suitable for guitar playing and other musical instruments possible, as well as for receiving cocktails at the bar. It has a r..

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Professional chair for guitarist, with a round black seat, made of high quality leather. Also on the chair there are brackets that, if necessary, can be lowered..

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If you are looking for a quality chair at a good price, the DS7 is exactly what you need! Universal musician's chair with round seat and screw height a..
Premier 4112M High drum throne Premier 4112M with double legs, round seat and screw adjustment system. Specification Number of legs: 3 Foot type: Double Height..
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The best
The Boston OB-500 is a multifunctional high stool for musicians. Guitarists and (contra) bassists in particular at home, on stage or in the studio benefit from ..
Hayman DTR-110 If you are looking for a comfortable and convenient drum chair, pay attention to the DTR-110 from Hayman. The chair has a seat, saddle, and ad..
Peace DRT-112N Specialized chair drummer. Seat with increased thickness, round shape with a protrusion. Follows the shape of the body. Adjustable height. Sol..
If you are looking for an inexpensive and comfortable chair for a little drummer, pay attention to DTR-010 from Hayman. The chair has a thick soft round cushion..
Bespeco DT3 Metal stool with double brace legs adjustable in height. Cushion and seatback made of vinyl with non-deformable foam padding. Specs Height: Min 56 ..

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Universal chair for a musician with a round seat and height adjustment from 38 cm to 55 cm. The color of the seat is black. Double tightened legs (38 cm) provid..
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Drum Thrones


As any musician who spends long hours at musical instrument will tell you, seatings for the musicians are just as important as instruments itself. Looking for the right stool can be just as challenging as finding the right instrument. Having a stool that is comfortable and of the proper height goes a long way toward encouraging correct posture and improving your playing. There's no right or wrong answer with how high your stool should be and ultimately it comes down to personal preference.

There are a few factors you should look at when purchasing a best stool:

  • Portability. The best stools are made to be lightweight and portable. The best adjustable keyboard stool can also fold for easy storage and carrying
  • Height adjustments. Most stools do not have quick height adjustment knobs. The ones that do are a bit pricier, but are worth it if you want to quickly adjusting sitting positions in a tight situation
  • The type of padding is an important factor in deciding which stool to purchase. For the occasional practitioner, a polished wooden stool will suffice. Extra padding is necessary for someone using the music instrument frequently, which is normally found in leather or fabric seats

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