Guitar slider in the form of a medical bottle. Made of original durable glass. The size of the slider is standard. The classic form originated from the Coric..
A set of two guitar sliders from the legendary producer D'Andrea. One slider is a standard size, the second is a short one for a more versatile play. Both s..
A set of two guitar sliders from the legendary producer D'Andrea. One slider is a standard size, the second is a short one for a more versatile game. Both s..
Guitar slider from the legendary producer D'Andrea. Made of chrome-plated metal. The size is standard. ..
Guitar slider from the world brand Dunlop. Made of porcelain, which provides a bright tone of sound. The length of the slider is medium: 70 mm, internal diamete..
Glass slider from the legendary manufacturer Dunlop. Has an ergonomic flare form, which makes it easier to make sound and control during the game. Made of trans..
The most popular slider Dunlop to date. It is made of high-quality boron silicate, that is heat-treated transparent glass. The thickness of the wall of the slid..
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Guitar slides

Guitar slide – accessory by which your instrument will sound a whole new way! If you decide to buy a slider for the guitar (slide for guitar), you can select the slider for guitar company D'andrea - and classical, and not quite traditional. Basic materials for the production of sliders, or simply – slide brass, bronze, copper, steel, ceramics, glass, and of course the bottle glass. They differ in sound, weight and ease of play:

  • Copper, brass and bronze slides quite heavy, but because of this sounds "warmer", brighter and have more sustain (duration of the sound). They are often used with an acoustic guitar. Heavy slide = fat sound, less "dirt" in the sound, sounds better in slow solos.
  • Steel slides also pretty hefty, they have a good sustain, but more smooth and "cold" sound. Well suited for electric guitars.
  • The glass slide of tempered glass (pyrex glass) weigh less, they sound more softly and almost silent in the game. 
  • Slides from bottleneck - many of them are much better sound pyrex, but they differ from each other depending on the type and quality of glass. Most often used with an acoustic guitar.
  • Ceramic slides combine the lightness and quietness of glass with the warmth of sound and great sustain bronze. I prefer ceramics since These slides are perfectly sound and acoustic and electric guitars. In addition, ceramic slides are more comfortable sitting on a finger - their inner surface absorbs moisture.
  • In general, the guitar slide should be approximately equal in length to your thumb.
  • Slide does not have to be long. Although shortened model and do not allow to capture all of the strings at the same time, they are often easier and more convenient.

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