Combo Amplifiers for Keyboards

Behringer K900FX ULTRATONE The 90-Watt ULTRATONE K900FX excels as an extraordinarily-versatile keyboard and drum amplifier, as well as a high-quality 3-channel ..

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Pa Amplification System for Pa3X 76 and 61 keys The optional PaAS is a high-fidelity speaker/amplification bar specifically designed to connect directly to the ..
Main characteristics: Power 400W 15” LF + 1” driver Bi-amp for speakers Built in 4 - chanel mixer 2 - zone EQ RCA input DSP sound pocessor by Alesis (reverb, d..
Main characteristics: Power 400W 12” LF + 1” driver Bi-amp for speakers Built in 4 - chanel mixer 2 - zone EQ RCA input DSP sound pocessor by Alesis (reverb, d..
Behringer ULTRATONE KXD15 The amazingly-powerful ULTRATONE KXD15 excels as an extraordinarily versatile keyboard and drum amplifier, as well as a high-quality 4..
Behringer ULTRATONE KXD12 The amazingly-powerful ULTRATONE KXD12 excels as an extraordinarily- versatile keyboard and drum amplifier, as well as a high-quality ..
Behringer KT108 ULTRATONE The awesome and super-compact KT108 is the ideal choice for keyboardists looking for great, classic tube-like sounds in a 2-channel, 1..
Behringer K450FX ULTRATONE The 45-Watt ULTRATONE K450FX excels as an extraordinarily-versatile keyboard and drum amplifier, as well as a high-quality 3-channel ..

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Audiohub equals flexibility – true to their name Audiohubs perform with ease in any amplification application – keyboards, electronic drums, vocals, acoustic an..

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He ultra portable AH50, with 30 watt output, 2 independent channels, global reverb and DI out is the ideal entry level Audiohub amplifier. It features a carpet ..

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ULTRA PORTABLE The AH40 is an ultra portable unit featuring two independent channels: one designed to take a mic or line source, the other is aimed at playback ..

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FLEXIBILITY The AH300’s 5 Channels means that this unit is ideal as a small portable trio’s PA. It handles vocals, guitars, keys and electronic drums without an..

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The 160 watt AH200 features a multitude of audio connections. XLR, jack and phono all feature with Hi and Lo impedance options. The AH200 also comes with 16 dif..
SPECIFICATION: Power RMS 65 Watts. Inputs Channel 1 Lo-Z XLR & Hi-Z 1/4" Jack. Channel 2 Hi-Z 1/4" Jack & Phono. Channels 2. Equalisation Bass & Treble on each..
Kurzweil KST300A The KST300A is a portable, rechargeable, 24W combo amplifier featuring built-in 4 channel mixer and wireless mic capabilities. 3-Speaker - 24W ..
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Combo Amplifiers for Keyboards

Keyboard combo amplifiers

Keyboard combo-amplifiers are special electronic acoustic systems designed to work with electric keyboard instruments. They work in a wide frequency range and are able to emphasize all the accents of the instrument sound.


  • Wideband sound. Keyboard libraries can contain samples of a wide variety of musical instruments as well as sound and noise effects that together can fill the entire range of sounds available to the human ear
  • Stereo. Most modern keyboard combos support stereo sound
  • Output signal and impedance. Unlike guitar combos, keyboard amps operate at high voltages and low impedances. Such parameters are necessary for high-quality and durable work
  • Mobility. Often, keyboards at home or in a rehearsal room are connected to an acoustic system. The sound will be quite acceptable. Keyboard combos are small in size, and therefore quite portable
  • Positional installation. The design features of the combo amplifiers allow them to be installed in two positions - perpendicular or at the desired angle, which allows you to adjust the direction of sound

In addition, these devices are additionally equipped with some mixer functions, and can have four or more tunable channels to provide decent stereo quality. Thus, the amplifier can be used, among other things, for rehearsals or a concert in a small room without connecting additional equipment.

How to choose a keyboard combo amplifier

When choosing a combo amplifier, you should pay attention, first of all, to the technical characteristics:

  • Power. The higher it is, the more peak loads the amplifier can withstand, which increases the sound quality and the protection of the device itself
  • Speaker types and wattage. The frequency range and quality of the audio signal depend on their features
  • Additional features. Built-in effects such as chorus or reverb, EQ, mixer functions, drum machines, and more
  • The number of connectors. In fact, the more of them, the better. Despite the fact that some of them may never be needed

In addition, you should pay attention to the portability and ease of transporting the combo. Pay attention to its size, weight, availability of handles, and case protection. The higher the basic parameters and the number of features, the more expensive are the keyboard combo amplifiers. A good solution is the optimal ratio of price, quality and parameters necessary for a keyboard player.

Buy combo amplifiers in Musician.UA

In our store you can buy combos for keyboard instruments from such companies as Alto Professional, Behringer, Korg, Laney and many well-known manufacturers. We offer:

  • A wide selection and help of consultants in case of questions
  • Careful and fast delivery in Ukraine
  • Convenient methods of payment, including purchase on credit
  • Availability of necessary documents, a guarantee from the manufacturer
  • Assistance of technicians in repair and maintenance

The catalog also contains additional accessories for combo boxes and keyboards, which will help to make wider use of their capabilities.