Covers and Cases

An experienced saxophone owner is always looking for the best ways to preserve and protect their musical instrument. And here is the answer — the excellen..
Get to know the best way to protect your favorite saxophone — the Bespeco BAG510TS Brass Case. This case is not just an accessory, it is an integral part ..
Are you looking for a reliable protection for your trumpet or flugelhorn mouthpiece? The Bach 1802 trumpet mouthpiece cover has your needs covered! This cover i..
Taking care of the safety of your trombone, baritone or sousaphone mouthpiece, we offer you the Bach 1803 case. This case is made of high quality soft plastic, ..
Creativity is always influenced by the individuality and style of each person. And if you are a music lover and own a harmonica, the Belcanto HRM-CASE-7 case wi..
An experienced saxophone owner is always looking for the best ways to preserve and protect their musical instrument. And here is the answer — the excellen..
Musical passion requires reliable protection, and the Maxtone ASC02N alto saxophone case meets all the requirements of even the most demanding musicians. This s..
The Maxtone TRC03N case is the perfect protection for your pipe! Thanks to its innovative design and the use of high-quality materials, this case guarantees rel..
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 Covers and Cases

Cases and gig bags for wind instruments

Musical instruments, especially wind instruments, can be fragile, and even small impacts can cause problems. This can easily be avoided by investing in a good case or bag, which will probably save you money in the future. The vast majority of instruments will come with a basic case included as standard however it is worth considering an upgrade if you are travelling frequently with your instrument. 

Case or gig bag, what to choose?

Cases and gig bags for wind instruments range in size from very large baritone saxophone cases to the smallest gig bags for piccolo. Some styles also serve special functions such as combination flute & piccolo cases that hold two instruments or specialty reed cases designed to regulate humidity to keep the reeds in playing condition. The primary differences between a case and a gig bag are weight and rigidity. Cases are built with very hard durable shells which make them well-suited to long-distance travel where a greater degree of protection is required. Gig bags by contrast tend to have softer walls with padding to absorb impacts providing adequate protection for routine travel at a light weight that makes them easy to carry. Most gig bags are also outfitted with exterior pockets to add storage space but this advantage may also be added to a rigid case. For most musicians the choice between case and gig bag depends simply on the level of protection needed - and many woodwind players keep at least one of each type of case allowing that choice to be made for each individual trip.

Buy cases and gig bags for wind instruments in Musician.UA

You can buy cases and gig bags for wind instruments in our stores. It is also possible to place an order in the online shop. Delivery is carried out all over Ukraine. Thanks to the wide assortment, everyone will find a suitable product for themselves. You can always count on professional advice and assistance. We care about the quality of service and do everything we can to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase.