Serenelli Y-3232 Accordion features 32 basses, 32 keys, 2 chords, including storage case. Colors: red, grey. Specification The number of keys: 32 The number of..
Serenelli Y-1625 Accordion features 16 basses, 25 keys, 2 chords, including storage case. Colors: red, black, grey. Specification The number of keys: 25 The nu..

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Accordions typically occur in traditional, folk, jazz and classical music. The instrument has been very popular in many countries since its origin. The accordion is a relatively new instrument. It was invented in 1829 in Austria. However, the mechanics of an accordion are much older, with the ideas behind the instrument being invented long ago. These date back as far as the year 3000 BC. The first accordions were used in German-speaking areas, but quickly gained popularity in larger parts of Europe. At that time, the accordion was a very common instrument. However, there was a problem – in those days there was only one keyboard and only one melody could be played. This prompted the Englishman Charles Wheatstone to further develop the instrument. He added keys on the other side and now the player could play two things at the same time, harmoniously accompanying the melodies.

Main parts

An accordion consists of many parts but is typically divided into three:

  • Teble side
  • Bellows
  • Bass side

This division is actually quite logical. Manuals are attached to both the treble side and the bass side. The musician presses a button or a key (which often look exactly like piano keys), thereby sounding a note. The bellows are the piece of the accordion that moves back and forth as the musician moves the instrument. It is here that air is pumped, creating the sound that comes out of the accordion. The bass side is the piece of the accordion where the musician’s left hand is located and this side is almost always used to play the accompaniment.


There are different types when it comes to accordions:

  • Piano 
  • Diatonic
  • Chromatic

Each has their own unique sounds and features. The piano is more popular with jazz, rock, country and a variety of other music. This type of accordions features keyboard like keys for the right hand, whereas the buttons on the left hand play the role to provide the bass accompaniment. Diatonic accordions features keys for the left hand and for the right hand too. On a diatonic accordion, for a single key, the pitch of a specific note varies as the bellows are pushed or pulled respectively. A diatonic accordion uses only notes from some scale. Chromatic accordions features buttons for the right hand (treble side) and the left hand (bass side) both. Varying from diatonic accordions, chromatic accordions come with all the sharps and flats, also with all the naturals.

What should you consider before purchasing an accordion?

You must be extremely careful when looking to buy an accordion. When buying a cheap accordion there is always the risk of paying for an instrument that is not in the best working order or build quality. Here, the build and the durability are particular considerations to make. Accordions are extremely fragile and if they’ve not been taken care of, you can quickly get into a situation where repair of the damage to the instrument will be just as expensive as the price of buying the accordion.

One of the first things you want to consider when getting an accordion is the weight. Remember that you’ll be hanging the accordion on your shoulders. Not forgetting that an unduly heavy accordion will impact on your performance negatively. Like all instruments, the accordions are of different sizes. And these sizes vary across models. The size of an accordion actually depends on the number of keys on the accordion. Size is super important because it determines how comfortable you’ll be holding and playing the accordion. Size is also important to the genre of music you play. Accordions do not really need a lot of accessories. However, you might want to consider getting straps and a carrying case.

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