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Training pad. Packaging: a pair of wooden sticks Peace 5A and black pad ..

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Training pad snare drum, 20 cm (8"). Differs uncompromising strength and low cost. It is made of hard rubber ..
Set of rubber pads for noiseless lessons acoustic drum kit. Options: pad on the bass drum (for bass drum of any diameter). Pads for volumes: 12 "-13" ..

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Training pad snare drum, 20 cm (8 "). Working surface: rubber. The rim red ..

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The pad is a drum simulator for practicing technique. The plastic on which the rubber-like material is glued, which gives a more or less real-like rebound of a ..
RealFeel by Evans 12" 2-sided pad has a large playing surface that fits inside a standard snare basket, a natural gum feel on one side for realistic stick ..
RealFeel by Evans Apprentice Pad is a 7" single sided gum rubber practice pad with a non-slip material on bottom and an 8mm threaded insert for mounting on a cy..
RealFeel by Evans 6" single-sided mountable pad has an 8mm threaded insert on the bottom for mounting to most standard cymbal stands or the Evans ARFSTD practic..
Pearl BD-10 The Pearl BD10 bass drum practice pad accommodates double pedals. Pearl crafts the bass practice pad especially for extremely low noise and realisti..
The 12 inches 1-sided pad has a large playing surface that will fit in a standard snare basket, a natural gum feel that replicates the stick-rebound from a snar..
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Training Pads

Training pads

Using drum practice pad is a great affordable way for all level drummers who wish to practice their drumming skills. It is true that electronic drums have become an essential arsenal for a drummer performing live, in a studio, or even for practice. Still, electronic drum set could be a bit expensive just for practice purposes. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, advanced, or professional drummer, practice is a necessity. Even professional drummers who have had years of experience need a refresher to maintain their skills and perhaps, acquire more techniques. By using a pad, you have the opportunity to develop the more mechanical side of playing the drums – developing control, speed, hand technique and muscle memory. Playing instruments is a continuous learning process. Practice pads will certainly help you learn more and enhance your skills no matter which level you are in.

Sound versatility

The best drum practice pad is versatile, with a friendly control interface, where you can access the drum kit sounds appropriate for a particular music genre. This is beneficial for you if you are a working drummer because you will be ready to play different music styles such as jazz, classic, rock, or pop instantly. Similarly, if you are a beginner, you’ll get to practice and learn about the different genres early on. To make the most of your budget, look for brands with two-sided drum pads, which are perfect for practicing and enhancing stick techniques. Usually, one side is soft, bouncy, and quieter, while the other side is hard, more challenging to play, but louder. By picking a double-sided practice pad (instead of 2 one-sided pads), you can save money to buy other drum accessories.


If you are living in a place where space is limited, you cannot bring your acoustic drum set with you. With practice pads, you will still be able to update yourself with drum and stick techniques from time to time wherever you may be. Most drum pads are lightweight and portable, so even kids can carry them around with so much ease. If you are a beginner, it is better to practicing with pads first before upgrading to an electronic drum kit or a real acoustic drum set.

Near-quiet performance

A drum practice pad is what you need if you have neighbors or family members who have been complaining about all the noise you are making while practicing with an acoustic drum set. Most drum practice pads have a near-quiet performance and will not make loud sounds like a regular drum set.

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