Follow Spots

Perfect PR-I005 Perfect PR-I005 is a 200 W follow spot. Color wheels: 4 colors + white. Control: DMX, manual control. Specs Color wheels: 4 colors + white Pow..
Tracking Spotlight, LED 75W (white), color temperature of 6500K / 7500K, 7 colors + white, control via DMX 3 channel 14-20gr beam angle LED Followspot 75ST This..
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Follow Spots

Follow Spot - an indispensable attribute of any event. Live shows, theatrical performance, disco and even TV - high-quality light is needed everywhere, everyone knows how important the right light for the efficient perception of the audience of what is happening on stage. Not for nothing called the basic tracking searchlight stage lighting. Also, tracking guns are essential tools of professional lighting. Today almost all the light is following guns have a convenient system of control of brightness and color change. Most of them can be controlled manually by the operator which requires light for control. Differ tracking light gun with its simple installation and operation, as well as the unsurpassed quality vyskoim devices.

In our online store a wide range of projectors tracking light for selective illumination of the scene, a master or a specific artist. Light guns have long been widely used in theaters, concert halls, stadiums and mass street events.