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Follow Spots

Follow spots

Follow spots are an essential attribute of any high-class event. Concert show, theater performance, disco and even television – quality light is required everywhere, because everyone knows how important the right lighting is for the effective perception of the audience of everything that is happening on stage. Follow spots are called the main stage lighting. Follow spots are also indispensable units for professional illuminators. Today, almost all follow spots have a convenient system for regulating brightness and color change. Most of them can be controlled manually, thus requiring a light operator to operate them. What distinguishes the tracking light guns is their ease of installation and operation, as well as the unmatched high quality of the devices.

The point of the follow spot is to highlight a certain character or action onstage against whatever else is taking place, this means that the spot of light must stand out against whatever other light, if any, is present on stage. You therefore must ensure that you select a follow spot that can support a lamp that will be powerful enough to cut through the light provided by your existing lighting system. Followspots usually have very powerful lamps – typically (high-pressure) gas discharge lamps are used. Spotlights are also equipped with a lens in order to focus the light beam, and sometimes they have a colour switch that alters the colour of the light. This can be done via colour filters. Follow spots come with many features. Some follow spots come with effects like gobos, dichroic color filters, iris adjustment, blackouts and dampers.

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