Karaoke Systems

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Karaoke Systems

What is a karaoke system?

A karaoke system is a special device that plays karaoke files, backing tracks without a vocal part, and displays a running text line with the song lyrics, on the screen. Depending on the category of the device and the manufacturer’s specialization, karaoke systems vary in functionality, configuration, interface, and sound effects. The performer sings into the microphone, reading subtitles in sync with the song. There is a huge variety of karaoke equipment designed to meet the requirements of a broad range of karaoke fans. These days, karaoke systems can be found almost everywhere: in karaoke clubs, bars, small cafes, saunas, etc. In addition, some karaoke machines can be used at outdoor events.

Karaoke players

Karaoke devices of this type are usually inexpensive, outdated players and consoles with karaoke functionality. They have limited functionality, do not contain licensed song databases and cannot boast high-quality sound. Karaoke players can run CDs, USB flash drives and memory cards. Generally, outdated karaoke players don’t feature even basic capabilities of a modern karaoke system: smooth audio/microphone tuning, voice processing effects, and high-quality performance recording, not to mention other other useful functions.

Amateur karaoke systems

These are mid-range karaoke, which also do not have pre-installed licensed song databases.  However, they usually support many audio formats. Their owners can play tracks from the Internet, discs, or other storage devices. For voice processing, amateur-grade karaoke systems often have only the echo effect, as well as the minimum set of settings. Track tone/tempo changing in mid-end karaoke systems is either not available or is performed in very low quality. The same is true for the performance recording feature.

Professional karaoke systems

A professional karaoke system is a reliable, up-to-date, and multifunctional device featuring excellent technical equipment, software, and a large licensed song database. Every single component of a professional karaoke system consists only of high-quality solutions that meet all specific standards. With such an excellent machine, you can achieve the best sound, as well as enjoy singing karaoke non-stop. The track base of a professional karaoke system may hold tens of thousands of files. Unlike amateur karaoke systems and players, manufacturers only load licensed content into professional karaoke systems. Premium karaoke systems have a full range of features for the perfect party. Professional modulation allows you to change the tone and tempo without distortion and loss of quality of the original audio file. The ability to fine-tune the sound of all connected microphones, as well as a variety of voice effects, can meet the requirement of the pickiest karaoke fans. Companies developing and delivering professional karaoke systems are usually customer-oriented and provide the same professional customer support.

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