Components and Accessories

Peace PE-62 Harmonica's holder, universal. Metal..
Tenor saxophone bag, realized in rip-proof nylon 600D and 10 mm. nylon padding; rubber feet. Available in anthracite black. User Guide ..
Tenor Sax Reeds Odyssey ORP15T Premiere Series. Size 1.5 mm, Pack of 3. Odyssey Premiere Reeds are crafted from the finest French cane by one of the wor..
FOAM bag for tenor saxophone, realized in rip-proof nylon 600D, extra tough internal foam. Available in anthracite gray. ..
Bespeco LOGIC-140: Professional stand for trombone. Adjustable height. Front is made of solid steel. Black color Specification Type: Rack Tool Type rack: For t..
Soprano Sax Reeds Odyssey ORP25S Premiere Series. Size 2.5 mm, Pack of 3. Odyssey Premiere Reeds are crafted from the finest French cane by one of the world&..
Odyssey OFK Flute care kit Odyssey OFK includes: polish cloth, multi-purpose duster brush, 2 x rod cloths, care guide...
Odyssey OMT2 (SMTB12C) Quality silver plated Trombone mouthpiece – 12C. ..
Soprano Sax Reeds Odyssey ORP20S Premiere Series. Size 2.0 mm, Pack of 3. Odyssey Premiere Reeds are crafted from the finest French cane by one of the w..
Clarinet Reeds Odyssey ORP15C Premiere Series. Size 1.5 mm, Pack of 3. Odyssey Premiere Reeds are crafted from the finest French cane by one of the world&rsq..
Clarinet Mouthpiece Kit Odyssey OMKC. Premium USA made mouthpiece with quality chromed ligature and plastic cap. 0.045 facing. ..
FOAM bag for clarinet, realized in rip-proof nylon 600D, extra tough internal foam. Available in black. Height 21 cm Width 35..
König & Meyer 15520 Elegant and durable aluminum stand for violin. Has a convenient design, which allows you to make it according to the principle of the book. ..
Yamaha Trumpet Valve Protector (vinil) The Yamaha AVP-V trumpet valve casing protector, made from vinyl with velco fixing points, offers extra grip when holding..
Yamaha Trumpet Valve Protector (leather) Crafted of black Verona full-grain leather. Soft Velvoa liner with waterproof 210 Denier Nylon barrier for perspiration..
König & Meyer 15213 Very stable and comfortable stand for the pipe. It has a 5-legged base made of durable plastic, which can be separated for easy transport of..
König & Meyer 152/1 Very light and compact stand for the pipe. Has a metal base, which can be separated for convenient transportation. The holder is covered wit..
Yamaha TR-14C4 Rim designed for outstanding facility and flexibility. Popular in ensembles and orchestras. Can produce high volume. A brass instrument mouthpiec..
Yamaha TR-11A4 Medium rim diameter with a shallow cup for easy high notes. Ideal for piccolo trumpet and jazz idioms. A brass instrument mouthpiece is much more..
Yamaha TR7B4 Mouthpiece Yamaha TR7B4 Standart Series for Trumpet. Relatively large throat diameter with a sharp shoulder. Bright sound with easy high notes. Pro..
Herco by Dunlop HE260 Chrome plated trumpet mouthpiece with burnished rim. The original and still most popular line of top-quality student mouthpieces...
Yamaha TR-M.KIT J01 Trumpet maintenanse kit Yamaha TR-M.KIT J01 includes: Oil valves Flexible brush Valve brush Mouthpiece brush Polishing cloth Instructions f..
König & Meyer 14985 Universal stand for trombone. Fiberglass sturdy base. Complex construction of legs. Smooth adjustment of height to your needs. The contact s..
Yamaha SL45C2S Trombone mouthpiece Yamaha SL45C2S Standart Series have small inner rim diameter with a clean bite. Easy playability with a bright tone. Popular ..
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Components and Accessories

Components and accessories for wind instruments

Your wind instrument needs consistent care and maintenance. A well-maintained saxophone or any other wind instrument can become a steady companion and source of constant joy. Beginners and professional musicians need accessories and cases to protect and enhance their instruments.

Wind instruments are composed of many different components and while some of these parts are more essential than others they all need to function properly in order for a player to make the most of their skills. For this reason most musicians will have to make occasional repairs or adjustments to their instrument in order to maintain its playability and sound quality. Thankfully musicians will have no problem finding brass replacement parts on today's music market.

While the home repair to a brass instrument is inevitable there are certain precautions one can take to avoid making frequent part replacements. For example make sure all the latches on a case are closed so the instrument doesn't fall out. Also remember to never stand an instrument on its bell. Always put the brass instrument down with the valve side facing up. Lastly when the mouthpiece is removed for a cleaning (with a mouthpiece brush and gentle liquid soap) twist it out softly and counter-clockwise. When inserting the mouthpiece back in do it gently so it doesn't get stuck. If a mouthpiece gets stuck have a repair tech take care of the issue. In fact one needs to be careful doing any home repair to a brass instrument and it's always in a musician's best interest to bring it to a repair shop for installing new replacement parts.

Buy components and accessories for wind instruments in Musician.UA

Here you'll find a range of wind accessories, from reeds, mouthpieces and stands to straps, cases and care kits to keep your flute, oboe, clarinet or sax in good working order. You’ll be able to take care of maintenance tasks with repair kits and care products including germicides, cleaning solutions, swabs, cleaning rods and more. Here you can buy сomponents and accessories for wind instruments of such famous brands as: Bespeco, Dunlop, Rico, Yamaha, etc.

You can buy сomponents and accessories for wind instruments​ in our stores. It is also possible to place an order in the online shop. Delivery is carried out all over Ukraine. Thanks to the wide assortment, everyone will find a suitable product for themselves. You can always count on professional advice and assistance. We care about the quality of service and do everything we can to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase.