MegaFon Maxtone — portable device for amplification using the mouthpiece, for ease of use equipped with a handle and strap. Electric megaphone can mimic t..
MegaFon Maxtone GTC25S. Specifications: Power: 25W. The bell: 230mm. Range: 500m. 2 modes: talk, siren. Battery power: 8 x UM2. With a belt. ..
MegaFon Maxtone — portable device for amplification using the mouthpiece, for ease of use equipped with a handle and strap. Electric megaphone can mimic t..
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Handheld megaphones

Megaphones are designed to amplify the volume of the voice and transmit it over long distances in an audible and clear form. Going back centuries, you can find examples of people using paraboloid-shaped objects to amplify sound, such as animal horns.

Form and design

Changing the shape of the bell changes the wavelength of the sound and the range of the device. For example, a narrower horn can offset lower wattage by concentrating the created sound. The result is a more effective range on the horn while using less power. 

Even the angle of the handle allows you to adjust the weight of the device in your hand. And the ability to hang the device with a strap or clip can come in handy if you end up choosing a megaphone that weighs a lot.

Megaphone power

The shape of the megaphone and its power determines how far you can hear it. Megaphones usually have a power of 5 to 50 watts. The higher the power – the louder the megaphone. On the other hand, very loud megaphones require a lot of power to operate. Some models can reach an average of 100 decibels, and the shrill siren sound on some megaphones can reach 120 decibels. Before purchasing, check to see the distance that the megaphone you are considering can cover.

Size and weight

Megaphones have varying degrees of portability. Although most of them weigh less than 5 kg, you will find that holding that weight near your face is tiring. The larger and heavier it is, the less time you will be able to use the megaphone. You should consider exactly how heavy the device will be if it has batteries. Sometimes megaphones are equipped with shoulder or wrist straps for convenience.


Different types of microphones are used in the manufacture of megaphones. Built-in and removable microphones are commonly used. A removable microphone is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. In addition, having a removable microphone means that you can better look into the eyes of the people you are talking to. When choosing, you should better focus on the more powerful options that will offer clear and crisp sound.

Ease of use

A megaphone should be easy to use. One way to determine the usability of a model is to check its weight to see if it is comfortable to handle. Also, pay attention to additional components such as the handle and strap.


Rugged megaphones are highly resistant to breakage, and their controls, knobs, microphones and other components ensure that you will always receive only the highest quality sound.


Most models have lithium rechargeable batteries or D batteries. When buying a high-powered megaphone, find out how long the battery lasts.


Almost all active megaphones are equipped with a siren function that can be used to quickly get people's attention. Some models have a wide range of sounds and even short melodies that can be broadcast at the touch of a button. If you will be using your megaphone to offer repetitive instructions, having recording and playback features is invaluable. You can say what you want once and repeat it if necessary just by pressing a button. Some megaphones have a 3.5 mm input, so you can connect other devices. There are megaphones with Bluetooth function. If you want to use the megaphone as a speaker, you will need this feature. However, the sound quality of the megaphone is not perfect.

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