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About 30 years ago, my son and I purchased a small table saw and single sheet of plywood from a hardware store. We spent seven hours building our first speaker cabinet. I remember that day vividly because we didn’t just set out to build a speaker cabinet - we were determined to create a great one. Within 24 hours, we presented the cabinet sample to local distributors in downtown Los Angeles. We took orders for more than a hundred of them, and that is how it all started.

Three decades later, my son Avi and I are still at it. Proudly, B-52 now sells tens of thousands of products each year and our relentless pursuit of excellence, just as with our very first cabinet, is applied to each and every product we offer today.

We have earned our reputation by offering innovation and reliability at a fair price, with the sort of customer service you should expect from a family owned company. We stand by our products and care about our customers.

Inside this web site you will find more than 70 innovative and technologically advanced sound systems for live sound, mobile DJ, sound reinforcement, permanent installations and guitarists of every level. All B-52 products are designed by a team of well-respected engineers and audiophiles who share our commitment to innovation and product excellence.

Today more than ever, customers are going to invest in products that have the highest quality, offered at the best price and backed by a warranty they can rely on.

I am proud that every new and existing B-52 product more than meets these requirements. 2009 marks the largest expansion of the B-52 product line in our history. The new US-SERIES rack-mount amplifiers offer a robust design, great look and dollar to watt ratio that’s hard to match. The new STORM active plastic cabinets combine our proprietary high-efficiency class G amplification with impressive performance and amazing price points. The new ACTIVE MX-SERIES is a great expansion to our best selling and most affordable line of MX passive models.
The new PRODIGY is a cost-reduced version of the PRODIGY FX, which took the DJ industry by storm in 2008. We also expanded our assortment of active and passive folded-horn subwoofers which will continue to give our competitors a run for their money. And, finally, the new LS-Series and ATX line of guitar amplifiers will set a new standard for both solid-state and all-tube amplification.