K-array K-AL66 Power supply 2 Tornado (full power) 4 Tornado (for background or speech)...
K-array KJ50VB/KJ50VBW Along with its ultra-slim and low profile, substantial output capability and smooth frequency response over the full vocal range, the KJ5..
K-array Kayman KY102/KY102W The K-array Kayman-KY102 is a passive speaker system comprised of eight 4" Neodymium magnet transducers housed in an elegant and stu..
K-array KMT18 is much more than a standard 18" powered subwoofer. The amplifier mounted on board is Class D, delivering 2x999 Watts at 8 Ohm. The uniq..
The Axle-KRX202 is composed of two Dragon-KX12 speakers coupled with a pair of Thunder-KMT18 18" subwoofers and includes an extendable pole and proper join..
K-array KU210/KU210W The Rumble-KU210 is a powerful passive subwoofer system comprised of 10" long-excursion woofer and 10" passive radiator, which..
Much larger than a standard 18" subwoofer, the Thunder-KMT18P is designed to provide highly efficient low-frequency reproduction in small to medium wavefro..
K-array Anakonda KAN200 The K-array Anakonda-KAN200 is a truly revolutionary speaker module born to meet the needs of places where few had dared to go up to now..
With the portable Pinnacle-KR802, K-array has developed its most advanced self-powered, portable amplification system ever. Pinnacle-KR802 features a pair of Th..
Pinnacle-KR202 is a portable PA sound system featuring a pair of Thunder-KMT18 18" subwoofers each with 2 channels of 1000 W matched to two Kobra-KK102, li..
Pinnacle-KR102 features a pair of Thunder-KMT12 12" subs each with 2 channels of 1000 W matched to a Kobra-KK102 loudspeaker with 16x2" Neodymium spea..
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K-array is a renowned manufacturer of innovative pro audio solutions with global headquarters in Florence, Italy. Founded in 1990, the company concentrates its efforts and resources in the revolutionary design and manufacture of highly-efficient audio systems that produce unparalleled performance.

With an extensive portfolio of product lines providing ultra compact speaker solutions for medium to large-scale applications, including touring, events, installed sound, and broadcast, K-array is exceeding industry demands for speakers that are heard but not seen.

More information you can find here www.k-array.com