Tenor Sax Reeds Odyssey ORP15T Premiere Series. Size 1.5 mm, Pack of 3. Odyssey Premiere Reeds are crafted from the finest French cane by one of the wor..
Soprano Sax Reeds Odyssey ORP25S Premiere Series. Size 2.5 mm, Pack of 3. Odyssey Premiere Reeds are crafted from the finest French cane by one of the world&..

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Pocket Trumpet Odyssey OCR100P Bb Premiere Series is for the young student that wants to start on a brass instrument and the gigging trumpet player th..
Soprano Sax Reeds Odyssey ORP20S Premiere Series. Size 2.0 mm, Pack of 3. Odyssey Premiere Reeds are crafted from the finest French cane by one of the w..
The Odyssey OMKC clarinet mouthpiece is a high-quality accessory that makes the instrument sound great. It is made of ebonite and has a chrome ligature and plas..
Odyssey OFK Flute care kit Odyssey OFK includes: polish cloth, multi-purpose duster brush, 2 x rod cloths, care guide...
Clarinet Reeds Odyssey ORP15C Premiere Series. Size 1.5 mm, Pack of 3. Odyssey Premiere Reeds are crafted from the finest French cane by one of the world&rsq..

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Trumpet Odyssey OTR140 Bb Debut Series offers free, easy blowing with a positive response and great sound. Ideal for starter musicians. Supplies with ABS p..

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The Odyssey OTR1250 trumpet opens up a wide range of possibilities for musicians around the world. The differences in tone of this trumpet compared to conventio..
The Odyssey OTB1500 tenor trombone is an exquisite instrument from the Premiere series that can enchant musicians with its elegance and high sound quality. T..
Saxophone Odyssey OSS650C Soprano Bb Premium Series with superb response and intonation has been designed to meet the expectations of t..
Saxophone Odyssey OSS600 Soprano Bb Straight Premium Series with superb response and intonation has been designed to meet the expectati..
Saxophone Odyssey OAS130 Eb Alto of Debut range has been designed with recognition of the significant contribution that an instrument makes to the wil..

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The Odyssey OCL100 flute with U-bar is the perfect choice for beginners who are taking their first steps on their musical journey. The instrument is equipped wi..

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The clarinet is one of the most popular wind instruments among beginners. It is affordable, portable, and used for many styles of music in orchestra, brass band..
The Odyssey OTH1900 tenor horn is an expressive musical instrument that fascinates with its sound and elegant appearance. Made by the highest quality standards,..
The Odyssey OBH1400 baritone horn is a sophisticated instrument with a deep and powerful sound that is designed to perform a wide variety of musical composition..
The Odyssey OFH1750BF is a complete double horn that combines sound quality with high aesthetics. This instrument provides the ability to play in the keys of F ..
The Odyssey DEBUT OFL100 flute has qualities that will be an advantage for a beginner. The main one is the specially designed optimal shape of the embouchure ho..
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In the hands of capable players, the instruments of the brass and woodwind family spice up rock music, swing with big band, swoop and soar with jazz, proclaim with brass band, and in an orchestral context can shock the heart with the stridency of conflict, shout out joy and celebration or produce mellifluous tones to sooth the listener with a flood of warmth and well-being. The heart of an instrument is timbre. Odyssey instruments have an easy, open and controlled tonality to ensure that musicality can be articulated with clarity. Odyssey Debut instruments, designed for the new player, are easy blowing, with great tonality and playability to promote swift, enjoyable progress. Odyssey Premiere, also eminently suitable for the beginner, has features which will be appreciated by the progressing student, teacher and professional player. Odyssey Symphonique instruments offer levels of specification, finesse, playability and nuanced quality which are essential to experienced professionals.

Designed by Master Craftsman Peter Pollard, one of the most sought after custom brass and woodwind builders in the world, Peter has a fascination for blending the specialities of acoustics with metal and woodwork which was developed from a very young age, and honed under the tutelage of some of the world’s most respected technicians. Working with leading musicians, military bands and orchestras for over 40 years, Peter has an exceptional background as a musician, builder, repairer and teacher, is a member of The Guild of Master Craftsmen, NAMIR, NAPBIRT, and has written and examines for instrument repair courses in the UK and Europe. An international reputation founded upon a wealth of knowledge allows Peter to push the boundaries of instrument design, be experimental, and yet produce peerless professional players’ instruments using innovative techniques and materials, creating superb hand-made instruments acknowledged by leading players to be benchmarks in their class. Peter’s skill, experience and well-developed understanding of the needs of players at all levels, along with input from peers, professionals and educators, have been applied to create the new Odyssey Debut, Premiere and Symphonique ranges. Designer and Master Craftsman Peter Pollard The Guild of Master Craftsmen Namir National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians, Inc.

“I design Odyssey brass and woodwind without compromise, with features, attributes, specification and manufacturing techniques which place each instrument way above its class” states Peter. Without doubt, a beginner playing an Odyssey Debut instrument will enjoy the kind of free blowing, great sounding, easy to play instrument essential to progressing, while their teachers will be amazed at the quality. With Premiere, we raise the bar again, where more accomplished players will appreciate the advanced design aspects, which to an experienced professional will be a revelation. The Odyssey Symphonique series embodies my lifetime’s experience in crafting instruments for top end professional players, and offers what I consider to be truly exceptional, yet still very affordable, instruments.”