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Professional 19" rack with 20 slots and 8 slot top. Comes with 2 rear casters. Robust welded steel pipe construction. Load capacity is 90 kg. ..
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Proel's history began in 1991 when Fabrizio Sorbi, current Chairman of the company, set up a group of 6 people operating in the field of connectivity and started manufacturing and selling assembled cables. This founding nucleus has developed up to 120 people, including employees and associates of the whole group. One of the most fundamental steps of this development is the creation, in 1997, of the R&D department which, since its beginnings, has been responsible for the research, design and prototyping of MADE IN ITALY Sound Reinforcement products.

1998 witnessed the acquisition of Tamburo, historic brand of drums and percussions, and the creation of a highly specialized manufacturing unit, characterized, amongst others, by advanced wood processing skills. In 2003 the Proel brand directly took on the challenge of the Lighting & LED sector, resulting in the acquisition of Sagitter, both as a brand and as manufacturing facilities.

Another 2003 fundamental step is the entry of private equity investors into Proel's capital with the acquisition of a minority stake (30%): an important boost to the group's development which allowed its management to rely on qualified advice with regard to corporate management strategic choices. In 2007 Proel acquired Turbosound Ltd., the English company leader in Sound Reinforcement, whose name is associated to world-famous music groups and top international tours: Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden, Dire Straits, The Shadows, Robbie Williams, Jamiroquai, Nine Inch Nails, Natasha Bedingfield, David Gilmour...

Other significant chapters of this history are the launch of the Die Hard branded Esoteric line of music instrument accessories, result of the cooperation with the Physics Department of the University of L'Aquila and of a remarkable commitment to design and innovative technology, and the successful startup in Public Address with products for permanent installations in airports, hotels, shopping centers, railway stations and places of worship, whose strength lies in the capacity to study, design and create systems suitable for any specific requirement.

These are the most significant steps of a development which has led Proel to be a leading benchmark in the industry of production and marketing of audio-video and lighting systems for the world of entertainment, events and installation. A fast-paced growth which has successfully exploited the opportunities of a highly competitive and specialized market.