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The history of Galanti accordions began in the early 20th century and tells the story of a family, which has linked its name to music, producing musical instruments that for almost a century bear the name of Mondaino in the world.

In a few years the first patents were filed in the States, bringing new technical and aesthetic improvements. Also the marketing is innovative: in the thirties the Galanti are used by the best accordionists and advertised by the actress Paulette Goddard, star of the first magnitude and wife of Charlie Chaplin.

In the meantime in Mondaino, in 1932, the new factory was inaugurated. Today represents an interesting example of industrial archaeology, as one of the first buildings in reinforced concrete in Italy.

In the second post-war period, evolutions continued until the invention of the loose bass strings, a device that allowed to play the bass guitar freely and to adapt it to the creativity of music. Subsequently, the accordion was adapted to new musical tastes by adding other instruments such as electric guitars, electronic organs and vibraphones to the accordion.

In 1969 Marcello Galanti founded Viscount International. In the 80’s the sector of electronic musical instruments is again revolutionized by the advent of new digital technologies that allow a remarkable evolution in quality and performance of products such as keyboards, pianos and classic electronic organs.

With the advent of the new millennium and the increase in global competitiveness, the company faces a new challenge, focusing on innovative sound generation technologies through physical modeling, offering electronic musical instruments with exclusive performance.