Sound System Amplifiers

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Sound System Amplifiers

Sound system amplifiers

Public address systems are configured slightly differently to the normal sound system. They utilise High Impedance (100 volt) speaker outputs rather than Low Impedance (4-8 ohm). The amplifier power output (measured in wattage) must exceed the sum of the speaker wattage tappings. The speakers used have a transformer on each that has various wattage tappings to allow matching to amplifier power and volumes required. This configurations allows many speakers to be run from a single amplifier over long cable distances with little signal loss.

An amplifier in public address systems is a device, which takes low level input signal from microphones and amplifies to a high level output signal to the desired output power, which will be delivered to the loud speakers at the output stage by suitable connection. The amplifying system should have a gain sufficient to deliver the required output power. High power amplifiers should incorporate safeguard against excessive voltage or current rise in case of open circuit condition or short circuit conditions respectively, in output circuit. Standby amplifiers shall be provided so that announcement is not held up due to defects in the working of amplifiers.

All equipment should be robustly made and designed for continuous operation. Equipment should be securely installed in such a manner as to have convenient access to all sides of it. Precautions should be taken to keep away dust from the equipment. When the number of equipment is not large, they may be placed on a table and wired. The positioning of the equipment should be such that the lengths of the inter‐connecting cables are kept minimum for convenience. In case the number of equipment is large, it is desirable to mount them in racks of suitable dimensions. The racks may be of metal or wood and either in one piece having compartments or different sections of uniform width assembled together. Each compartment of section shall contain one item of equipment. The height of the rack will depend on the number of equipment to be mounted and accommodation available, ensuring that all manual controls are within easy reach. Switches should be provided for isolating any faulty section of the equipment thereby facilitating operation and avoiding danger to the operating personnel. The arrangement made should enable the remaining part of the equipment to be available for use. Necessary safety measure should be adopted to avoid accidental contacts with high voltage points in the rack.

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