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 Replacement lamp illumination with connector RCA. LED lights. Aluminum body. Suitable for all types of players Series TT. ..
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Lamps for Players

Lamps for turntables

The strobe light is needed to determine the speed of the platter. A platter is a round disc on which the record is placed. It has rows of dots. When the platter rotates at a certain speed (33, 45 rpm, etc.), the strobe will make one of the rows of dots appear to stand still to let you know the platter is spinning at exactly the right speed. If the dots start to drift, you will know that something needs to be adjusted. There is a slider that adjusts speed.

Incandescent lamps (ordinary light bulbs with a filament) work, but not too well. The filament does not cool very much between cycles of the AC power so the light output is rather constant. Fluorescent lamps are about the same. The phosphor coating on the inside of the tube continues to radiate light between the AC power cycles. You can see the stationary appearing bars, but their edges look fuzzy, so it’s difficult to set the right speed  Neon lamps and white LEDs operating on AC power work well because both produce pulses of light even though your eyes can’t really see the pulses.

There are a number of methods that can be used to check the speed on your turntable, some more accurate than others. The tried and true method is the use of a strobe disc. Speed discs are a visual method of checking your turntable speed. To use this method, you will need a lamp with a 50hz or 60hz bulb. Place the lamp so the light is shining on the disc and set the speed selector to the speed you want to test. If the speed is correct, the bars will appear to stand still.

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