Stands for Video Equipment

Tablet stand equipped with microphone stand attachment. Suitable for any Tablet from 8” up to 10.1”. Certified for iPad /2/3, Galaxy TAB/2/3, Galaxy Note 10.1. ..
IK Multimedia iKLIP Xpand Mini The adapter-holder to install iPhone / Android smart phones (3.5" - 6") on the microphone stand thermoplastic easy installation ..
König & Meyer 12150 Height adjustable tripod with ergonomic clamping elements. The laptop rest plate can be easily attached to the bottom part by a prismatic co..
IK Multimedia iKLIP Xpand The adapter-holder to install iPad / Android tablets (7 "- 12.1") on a microphone stand thermoplastic easy installation secure fixat..

1960 ₴

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Multi-Function Tripod Stand Height-adjustable tripod base stand incorporating tiltadjustable metal shelf. Designed to securely support virtually any size laptop..

1232 ₴

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IPS12 Universal tablet holder for side/top connection to microphone & music stands Clever, safe and practical design allows musicians to integrate their tablet..
IK Multimedia iKlip A/V The first smartphone broadcast mount for pro-quality audio/video. Take your best shots! iKlip A/V is a complete mobile solution for pro..
IK Multimedia iKlip GRIP iKlip Grip is the new multifunctional video stand with Bluetooth shutter control* for smartphones, compact video cameras, audio field r..
IK Multimedia iKlip GO iKlip GO is the latest addition to IK's line of professional supports and accessories for tablets, smartphones, compact digital cameras a..
IK Multimedia iKlip 3 IK Multimedia invented the live tablet support in 2011, changing the way musicians were carrying their mobile devices on stage. After year..
Bespeco TAB130 Tablet holder with clamp on the tube from Ø 10 mm to Ø 24 mm. Suitable with any kind of tablet from 8” to 13”...
Bespeco LPS100 Laptop and video projector stand made of steel and adjustable in height and tilt. Perforated board for the ventilation of devices and raised edge..
Kool Sound LCD-2 Features Ergonomy, stylish design Variable angle of inclination Load 15 kg Suitable for 19"-42" LCD/LED TVs ..
Kool Sound DMP-160 Telescopic stand Kool Sound DMP-160...
Kool Sound DIP-260 Telescopic stand Kool Sound DIP-260. Can be installed on the table...
QSC Touchmix-30 Tablet Support Stand Tablet stand for the TouchMix-30 Pro digital mixer. Includes installation instructions, 2 black screws and Torx driver...
Stand for iPad iKLIP StandSpecifications:thermoplastic base metaleasy installationreliable fixationhinged to the general alignmentproduction: Italy..
Free Standing Tripod Base Laptop Holder Can accommodate virtually any size laptop. Four stoppers, adjustable in width and depth, will securely anchor any size l..
Let’s face it, there’s enough pressure in the studio without having to worry about breaking your iPad. We’ve elegantly solved this problem with the iKlip Studio..
The new iKlip® 2 for iPad, and for iPad mini, are enhanced versions of the most popular iPad microphone stand holders for musicians and presenters, while iKlip ..
Designed and manufactured in Italy, iKlip MINI firmly holds the device in place in both horizontal and vertical positions, and its multi-angle adjustable design..
The new iKlip 2 for iPad is easy to use in any live setting – onstage, in the studio, at school, at home or in the boardroom. With its new ball joint multi-angl..
Adapter for iPad to be mounted on a microphone stand, compatible c iPad / iPad2 and other android tablets, swivel mount for wide angle Features: Microphone stan..
Adapter holder for iPad iKLIP2 Mini installation on a microphone standSpecifications: thermoplastic easy installation reliable fixation mounted on pipes with d..
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Stands for Video Equipment

Stands & holders for audio-visual equipment

Using audio-visual equipment is the perfect way to give a professional presentation or enjoy watching a concert in good quality. Offering stunning visuals and sound, this equipment is a great way to have a cinematic experience. But no matter what you are using the equipment for – you will need some accessories. Equipment stands and holders are components which has become vital. Today’s sensitive electronic equipment is more and more sensitive to the distortions which come from an unexpected source – mechanical vibration. Even subtle vibration will affect the quality of what you hear and what you see, and the better your components, the more important vibration control becomes.

If you are looking for accessories that will help you get a stable and clear image, consider purchasing a projector stand. A projector stand is one of the best accessories for their owners. It provides a flat surface and can be used anywhere. The stand is ideal for people using a portable projector or in rooms where a mount is not possible. You can extend the legs of the tripod for use and retract them for transportation. This accessory is suitable for scenarios where the projector must be frequently moved from one location to another. Tripod projector stands are available in different sizes. There are stands for pico projectors and regular sized projectors.

Projector bracket mount can be a great option for buyers searching for the best accessories for projectors. It allows you to install the projector permanently in any room. You won’t have to worry about someone accidentally knocking over the projector. Projector mounts are accessories that help you get a stable and clear image. They offer some installation flexibility for ensuring that the imagery is proportional to the screen. Projector bracket mounts are available in different shapes and sizes.

Beautiful visuals and slides may not do much good without structural support for a screen. Bringing a reliable, flexible and affordable mounted monitor arm gives a presenter flexibility and assurance that visuals are presented from the best possible angle no matter the room layout.

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