Acoustic Materials

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Acoustic Materials

Acoustic materials

The following problems are observed in rooms with reverberation: 

  • Poor speech intelligibility
  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Concentration problems

Depending on the type of room, its geometry and its purpose, acoustic elements of a different spectrum of action are used. To combat echo, reverberation and improve speech intelligibility, various models of acoustic foam elements are well suited, namely:

  • Acoustic panel – controls sound reflections and reduces reverberation time in rooms

  • Acoustic diffuser – scatters a sound wave in all directions

  • Bass trap – reduces resonance within low frequencies due to effective sound absorption

  • Acoustic foam rubber Pyramid – optimizes the room reverb level

  • Acoustic clouds – absorb sound and allow you to control the level of reverberation

Depending on each situation, we recommend a specific set of measures. 

An acoustic panel is a sound-absorbing panel used to mitigate background noise and reduce the reverberation and echo in a space. They are are a key part of any studio. Room noise makes some frequencies way too loud and others too quiet. That’s where acoustic panels come in. Acoustic panels absorb problem frequencies and unwanted reverb. So do you want to focus on making music instead of fixing rough recordings? Then you may want to get some acoustic panels for your room!

Acoustic diffusers, thanks to their irregular surface of different depths, scatter the reflected sound waves, which improves quality, clarity and tonality of sound. It is very pleasant to work in a room with correct diffusion. Not only does it make the room feel more comfortable, it adds a sense of air and space that makes mixing and playback a joy. Diffusers are normally made of plastic, wood or polystyrene.

A bass trap is a type of acoustic treatment panel that helps reduce problems in the low-end of the frequency response of a room. Low frequencies have very long waves that are very strong. This means that more foam is necessary to absorb these frequencies. This is why bass traps are absolutely needed in any room that is going to be used for recording, mixing or practicing. In addition the frequencies tend to build up in the corners of a room. Noise can be up to 6 dB louder in a corner than in any other part of the room, so bass traps should be installed in the corners.The wider the bass traps the lower they can absorb to. Bass traps do not just absorb the low-end frequencies in your room. They also help to better define the low frequencies making them easier to control and recognize. This in turn helps you to achieve better results in your recordings. With correct installation in the right places low-end frequencies are tighten and excessive colouration is removed. Bass traps must be installed symmetrically to each other, both on the right and left walls, that will ensure they work at their best capacity.

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