Acoustic Suspended Ceilings

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Acoustic Suspended Ceilings

Ceiling isolation materials

Ceilings are generally hard surfaces which inherently reflect sound waves and as such are often a big offender when it comes to unwanted noise in a room. Sound can reverberate and echo around a room compromising the audibility of speech and causing an unpleasant level of background noise. An acoustic ceiling can reduce this unwanted background noise by absorbing the sound and so dampening the noise in a room. In addition an acoustic ceiling can assist with sound insulation so reducing unwanted sound entering or leaving a room. Whether you want to stop unwanted noise from leaking into or out of your space, or you want to improve the acoustics of your room by absorbing reflections and reverberations, acoustic ceiling tiles are an excellent way to achieve both.

Ceiling height is extremely important as poor acoustics can be caused from the sound having to travel further in the air due to the ceiling height. Sound gets trapped in the dead space above your head causing the sound to have reverberation times and makes it longer for the sound to become unheard. Also acoustics that reflect off hard surfaces have a prolonged reverberation time meaning they will be heard for much longer so ceiling material is also a major factor. Acoustic ceilings are usually suspended ceiling systems, where carriers are hung from the room’s actual ceiling and individual panels of sound-absorbing material are dropped into the sections. Additional benefits of this type of ceiling are the ability to hide heating and cooling ducts or unsightly wires and pipes.​

A quick, affordable, and simple solution to reduce echo and dampen noise is to install foam panels. They are usually rectangular or square in shape. They are made of a soundproof material to help reduce unwanted noise such as reverb and echo within a certain space. The chemical makeup of this material increases air resistance making it difficult for sound to travel quickly. Acoustical foam is an open celled foam, often in the shape of cones or triangles. However, acoustical foam is really only effective at absorbing high-end frequencies, meaning if you have trouble with mid-frequencies or bass, then foam most likely will not greatly improve your sound situation. It is very important to control the bass in the room. In many cases this is more necessary than absorption of high frequencies.

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